3 Things You Need To Know If Your Car Has Just Been In a Collision

Man in a car accidentA car accident is every driver’s worst nightmare. The unfortunate happens, and knowing what to do after a collision can help make things easier for all involved. Once you’ve gotten yourself checked by a doctor and are okay, the first thing you’ll want to do is embark on restoring the vehicle. Here are a few essential things to know.

1. You can have the restoration at any auto repair shop

It’s very likely that you are going to file a claim with your insurer for your car to be repaired. Your insurer should not try to influence who can fix the vehicle, but they are obligated to cover the costs of restoring the car to its pre-accident condition. So choose your preferred auto shop for that damaged bumper an broken headlight restoration in Mesa.

2. Your insurance can inspect your vehicle

Your insurance provider may want to assess your vehicle to find out the extent of the damage before settling your claim. However, they are not required to do so. If they choose to conduct an inspection, they’ll typically ask to move to a reasonable distance while they do the inspection. Your insurer, however, should never require you to drive to their claim centers for an inspection.

3. You can have your car repaired using OEM parts

Your insurer should pay for original equipment parts for your vehicle. Still, you have the right to use aftermarket parts. The thing to remember is that the insurer is only required to restore your car to the condition it was prior to the collision. Therefore, you cannot demand new original equipment parts if your car was old at the time of the accident unless you are ready to pay the difference.
An accident is no driver’s dream, yet it can happen unexpectedly. Knowing your options after one has taken place can help you restore your car to good shape, so you get back to your normal life.