3 Techniques to Speed Up Your Climb to the Top of Search Results

SEO Techniques in BrisbaneSearch engine optimisation is one of the most popular and effective ways to promote your business online. When you appear on top of search results, your site will have more visibility. This will result in more leads that you can turn into actual customers and an increase in your profit. SEO takes time, however. You can’t expect results in an instant, but you can do these three techniques to achieve positive results a bit faster.

Find Pages with High Converting Rates

Bambrickmedia.com.au and other SEO experts in Brisbane recommend using Google Analytics to find web pages with the highest conversion rates and then evaluate why that is the case. Apply this technique, so you can understand your audience better. See which keywords were used and why they are the most effective in converting your site visitors into actual customers. Do your best to include these effective keywords in your content and web pages, but make sure to do it naturally and organically.

Improve Already Published Content

Aside from consistently publishing new content, you can also optimise what you already have to make your SEO rankings improve faster. With the help of Google Analytics, you can know which pages have the highest bounce rates. Make an effort to lower their bounce rates by optimising content, improving internal linking, checking the meta data and writing a better call to action.

Get Rid of 404 Error Pages

A 404 error page can negatively affect not only your search rankings, but your reputation to your site visitors as well. If they encounter a 404 error message, they will see you as an unreliable site. Chances are they will leave and look for another business that offers what you are offering. There are tools that can help you detect 404 errors so you can correct them immediately.

Follow these simple steps and you will surely speed up the effects of all your SEO efforts. Working with an expert is likewise a great investment that will definitely be worth it over time.