3 Smart Ways to Protect Your Tenant Rights

Protect Your Tenant RightsYou often hear landlords discussing a range of tenant problems, but there is no shortage of renters experiencing similar troubles with them, too.

When renting property, you are entitled to certain rights that your landlord must honor. Like most other renters out there, you probably have no idea about the many ways you can protect these rights.

Here is a brief discussion on the things you need to know:

Know What Your Rights Are

It’s important to at least be familiar with the basics of The Landlord-Tenant Act and your rights. While laws vary according to region, there are some similarities across the board:

• The landlord should provide access to the property during the agreed date
• Tenants have the right to have quiet enjoyment of the property; Landlords cannot enter the unit unannounced unless they provide a notice or unless it is an emergency
• The landlord should lease a safe property that complies with housing laws

State laws vary, so knowing your rights will help you figure out when help from M-S-Lawyers.com, for example, is necessary.

Read the Lease Agreement

You will need a lease whether it’s a long- or short-term agreement. This will explain how you and the landlord should behave; it spells out the rules and makes things clear for both of you. Don’t just sign the lease; read it carefully. If you find unacceptable provisions, talk to your landlord and suggest alternatives. If the landlord doesn’t budge, walk away.

Get Everything in Writing

Make sure to get everything in writing to protect your rights and avoid disputes. Keep copies of this agreement and make sure your landlord signs a receiving copy. Landlords tend to make verbal promises when talking you into signing the lease, but unless you have a written copy, those promises will most likely go down the drain. Even if you trust the landlord, do this to protect yourself just in case.

Be a wise tenant. Be prepared, be alert, and most of all, be assertive. Intelligence can triumph over money and might, especially if the law is on your side.

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