3 Practical Hacks for Your Store Opening

Store Opening in West LinnStarting a business is no easy feat. You’ve been toiling away for the past few months – even years – for this big day. You’re finally opening up your shop the world. Even though you already have a good number of loyal customers picking up crafts from your home or doing weekly meetups to take a few your sumptuous cupcakes, opening up a physical shop is still a dream you’ve always had. And now, it’s finally coming true.

The date is set and invitations have been sent out. The big day is coming and, of course, you want it to be a smashing success.

Here are some tricks:

Make Sure the Store is in Top Form

The last few weeks must have been filled with last minute construction changes, paint jobs, and other projects that could’ve left some wood shavings, paint cans, and other materials lying around. Do a last minute check to make sure the space is spotless. Make sure the glass front is pristine, says Action Maintenance & Construction Northwest. Better yet, hire an experienced window cleaning company. Just make sure the star of the show is as clean and presentable as possible.

Give Out Freebies

You’ve spent quite a bit of money getting the place constructed and making sure every product is ready to be sold. You’re having doubts about giving freebies and samples. But, the thing is, save for your handful of loyal customers, people are still not familiar with your store. Use the opening day to introduce your products to the public through freebies and samples.

Make It Into an Event

Why not take it up a notch and make your opening as grand as can be? Stage a ribbon cutting ceremony by inviting a local celebrity or a VIP like county officials. Organize a small street party by hiring a DJ to play some party music and serve some of your products (if it’s food) or have a company cater the party. Of course, don’t forget a photographer to document everything.

Opening a store is a huge milestone for any business owner. That said, the important thing is to manage your expectations and not overstress if some parts of your plan don’t turn out too well. Be realistic, but have fun.