3 Possible Reasons Your Home is the Target of Intruders

Burglar entering to house trough balcony windowEach year, millions of homes are targeted by burglars who, besides destroying property, walk away with tons of money and other valuables. Your home could be the next piece of statistics.

By knowing what kind homes burglars love, you can prevent yours from being singled out for the next invasion in your neighborhood. Here are three top reasons your home could be the next target.

You don’t have a fence

You may think that you live in the most secure suburb in town, but burglars have been known to break into even the best-protected areas and make away with fortunes. Homes without security fences are particularly enticing.

Having a strong fence, especially one made from aluminum fence panels, posts, and gates, can help add a layer of security to your home.

Yours is the corner house

Most people prefer owning the corner house because of its desirable characteristics. First, it is easy to access. Secondly, it offers considerable peace of mind as you have fewer neighbors and are guaranteed more privacy.

Interestingly, these are the two top reasons burglars target corner houses. So the next time you’re shopping for a new home, keep that in mind.

Your home is near an alley

When breaking into a house, criminals want to be in and out of the compound without being seen. Having a way that enables them to get into the property and escape from it unnoticed is an advantage to them. And that’s what an alley does.

If your home happens to be near an alley, you may want to think of more ways to make it more secure.

If you can understand what exactly motivates intruders, it becomes easier to make your home much less appealing to them. At a time when break-ins are on the rise, deterring criminals from targeting your home can make you sleep better at night.