3 Ideas for Staying Warm in an Old House

HVAC repair in progressHistoric homes have an irresistible allure that’s absent from newer ones. However, the artistry and charm come at a cost, especially during the chilly season. Maybe the room is always chilly or the floors are always cold. The issue is that old houses usually have heating problems. Fortunately, heating repair experts in Raleigh, NC suggests some tricks that could fix these problems and warm the house.

No Room for a New System

It’s fair to say that most old houses are designed with little room left for any additional feature. Narrow doorways and the lack of closets are common problems in these houses. If you haven’t tried a dry radiant system yet, then you better do. This is space-effective yet it adds enough heat to the room.

The good thing is that radiant heating systems are available in a wide range of designs. As you await the arrival of the system, you can still optimize the available options. For instance, you can upgrade the boiler system or increase the efficiency of the fireplace.

Drafts All Over

When the heater is working all right, but the drafts won’t stop entering the house, then the heating bill will still leave a hole in your pocket. You have no option but to find out where these leaks are coming from. Arm yourself with insulating pads, weather stripping, and door sweeps and cover all the areas. Hint: Electrical outlets and light switches are surprising inlets of air.

The House is Extremely Cold

If heat is escaping from the house, you will notice it from the ever-present cold. The attic is always the first culprit because the lighter hot air rises. Experts in heating repair can assist you with the best insulation options, such as pellet insulation and foam insulation.

Old houses present a number of challenges, HVAC included. Innovation and customization are necessary if these houses are to offer an acceptable level of comfort to occupants. Find a reputable HVAC company and you will be sorted.