3 Essential Methods for Documenting Your Haunted House Experience

Haunted House in Cottage GroveNow that you finally have enough of your wits about visiting chilling vacation spots, it’s time to move on to other attractions like haunted houses. If you want to remember such experiences clearly and share it with others, do consider making a travel log with the following creative options.

The Haunting Experience says that once you’ve found a haunted house to visit, ask if you can document your adventures inside. After all, some would want to keep their scares a secret. If they say yes, then bring the following:

Digital Cameras – Taking pictures is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to create a travel log. Most mobile phones today can already take a picture, and some even sport their own flash. With many affordable digital cameras on the market, why not get the latest models that allow you to take detailed pictures even in the dark.

Video – Many people make money and gain fame from “video-logs” or “vlogs” because it creates a realistic, in-your-face experience that viewers enjoy. With the increase of video and social media sites online, you will always have a means to share your videos to the public. Of course, if it’s a haunted house tour, you have to admit that videos offer a better experience than just photographs.

Journal – If you were the type to write about an event after experiencing it, journaling would be a better choice. Writing your thoughts of an incredibly scary experience is truly worth reading and sharing. You can simply share your feelings or write it like a novel. Who knows, it might become a hit.

Beauty need not be the only subject of your documentary. Fear, suspense, and thrills can also bring life to any picture, video, or narrative you will create from a haunted house tour.