3 Design Fixes for Long, Narrow Hallways

hallway of a buildingHallways are never the prettiest sight in most homes. They’re often the space where shoes and coats get tossed, or in some instances, they’re simply plainly bare. After all, they’re just a transition space from one room to another. This long, narrow space, however, is a nuisance for many homeowners. Over time, the visual clutter and the flatness of the space just becomes an eyesore. Here’s what you should do then with those hallways:

Pay attention to flooring.

The material of the flooring can make this long, narrow space feel cozier or more constricted. The best type of flooring for this is hardwood as it creates a warm vibe. For a cheaper option, you may have laminate floors. However, if you choose to have a plain porcelain tile flooring, interior designers in Orange County recommend that you place a long runner, such as faux fur, to make it more comfortably inviting. Geometric vinyl flooring is also good as it distracts the eyes from the small size of the space.

Treat it as a gallery.

Most homeowners tend to draw attention away from narrow hallways when in fact you can beautify it with good wall art decor. Hang different art pieces and family photographs on the walls. Have a mini-museum of some sorts that prompts a viewing party. This way, guests won’t feel restricted with the small space. You’ll actually stop and stare at the pieces and experience a visual feast passing through it. Keep your walls white to highlight the decor better. Try out different sizes of frames for the decor to add visual variety.

Accentuate with design details.

If you’re not into the low-key treatment with white walls and photographs, perhaps going bold is your thing. Treat your walls with bold-patterned wallpapers. Go for geometric shapes or horizontal patterns that would guide the eyes towards the end of the hall. You may accentuate the walls with intricate details too like panels, baseboards, and chair rails. You can also play with special lighting fixtures to create a certain vibe in the space. With this, the walls will have more texture and won’t look flat as before.

Those long, boring hallways can be turned into visually interesting living spaces with just the right treatment. Take on the creative project, and let your design flair run wild.