3 Creative Ways to Give Your Outdoor Space a Makeover

Man installing sprinkler in gardenTake your garden’s appeal to a whole new level. There are tons of design ideas you could use to amp up the style of your outdoor space. Whether you want to go for big renovations or small improvements, you have a bunch of options to go for. To start this project, here are some suggestions you could try.

Water & Fountain

Make a refreshing splash into your garden by incorporating a water element into the area. One good way to do that is by installing a fountain or a similar structure. When looking for one, it’s important to consider the theme you’re going for as well as the size of the fountain to avoid disrupting the view of the garden. Most custom landscape design in Salt Lake City uses a fountain to add a sense of flow and movement in the garden.

Use Ornaments Wisely

There’s nothing new about using different types of decorations. However, if you manage to pull off a new concept using the same medium, that could certainly liven up your garden. Don’t be afraid to reinvent some of the stuff you already have. Let’s say you want to add planters all over your garden, rather than simply going for the usual clay pots, why not use your old jars, tires, and cups to plant your greeneries and floras.

Get Creative with Lights

To set the right mood and ambiance in your garden, it’s crucial to choose the right lights to use. If you’re going for something romantic and cozy, hanging lamps and fairy lights are definitely a great choice. Instead of installing lights all over the place, try to focus on the things you want to highlight in your garden. Is it the decor? The centerpiece? The pathways?

It doesn’t take that much to create the perfect garden. With the right plants, flowers, and layout, you could certainly bring out the best of your outdoor space. You just need to identify what you need and come up with a design that will fit perfectly into your current area.