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Are You Using the Right Toothbrush?

ToothbrushHow much thought do you put into choosing a toothbrush?

The toothbrush you use might be the source of your dental problems. Using the right one is just as important as picking the right toothpaste.

What are the components of a great toothbrush? Check which qualities yours have to figure out if you should make the change.

Electric vs Ordinary

Electric toothbrushes can create more movement than your hand ever can. Some of them even come with 2-minute timers ensuring you don’t brush too much or not enough.

Large vs Small Head

Smaller heads are better for harder to reach areas, especially if you recently got braces or Hawley retainers. Ideally, toothbrush heads should be 1-inch long and 0.5-inch wide.

Hard vs Soft Bristles

Some people think the harder the plaque, the harder the bristles have to be. The truth is, soft bristles do the trick every time. Any plaque and germs your soft-bristled toothbrush can’t handle should be checked by your dentist.

Criss-cross vs Flat Bristle Design

You may have noticed that some bristles are arranged a certain way. The criss-cross pattern of bristles is purely for aesthetic purposes. It is not better or worse when it comes to plaque removal.

Non-Slippery or Simple Grip

Some toothbrushes have no bells and whistles about them, but sometimes design has use. A handle with a strong grip will avoid slips during brushing, ensuring even strokes that won’t accidentally injure your gums.

Disposable or Durable

Keeping your toothbrush for a very long time is unsanitary, and it might be more hygienic to use disposable ones that are also eco-friendly. If this is not an option, changing your toothbrush every three months is a good rule of thumb.

It may be time to splurge for an electric toothbrush. If it’s unavailable for you, choose a manual one with small heads, soft bristles, and a good grip.

Top Bedroom Spots That Need Regular Cleaning to Keep Allergies Away

Bedroom FurnishingsThe bedroom might be one of the most comfortable places in your home but it can also be the room where you're most susceptible to allergies. There are a number of spots in your sleeping quarters where allergens can gather and can be a health hazard if left unchecked.

Here are some of those possible trouble spots: 

Beddings – Among all your bedroom furnishings, the bed is usually your most favored spot. But, it's also the favorite area for dust mites, grime, and mold to gather due to your own body's dampness and warmth. Install dust mite covers on your mattress. The Mattress Department says regularly changing and laundering of bed sheets, blankets, pillow cases, and even pillows can help reduce the presence of allergens as well. Also, you might want to replace your mattress with a more hypo-allergenic model.

Curtains – Allergens usually stick to heavy window drapes so opt for lighter material for window curtains and reserve heavy ones for winter when heat retention is prioritized in Salt Lake City. It is also essential to clean and replace curtains regularly. After all, dust and dirt will always collect on textile materials, and dusty drapes are not exactly aesthetically inviting or visually appealing.

Floors – For those with intense allergic reactions to dust, it's best to avoid carpets altogether. Choose to install hard floors, such as wood, vinyl, and marble, instead. For tiled flooring, make sure that they are filled properly in between spaces to avoid dust settling within the cracks. If you feel that you must have carpeting, then it is necessary to vacuum the entire room with a HEPA filter on a weekly basis. As an alternative, you can install washable rugs in strategic spots instead of full-on carpeting.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of these bedroom spots can greatly reduce incidents of allergic attacks in your family. Of course, do consistently clean the rest of your bedroom and avoid leaving litter and clutter that can gather dust. After all, comfort and health matters no matter how busy you are.

Exploring the Verde Island Passage, the Most Diverse Marine Hotspot in the World

Marine Hotspot in BatangasIn 2005, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the Smithsonian Institution declared the Verde Island Passage in Batangas as the most diverse marine ecosystem in the world.

Scientists Kent Carpenter and Victor Springer recorded a total of 1,736 overlapping species of corals and marine species thriving in the vast and deep waters of the Verde Island Passage. Areas that have the biggest concentration of marine life are located in the diving networks in Batangas and can be accessible from diving resorts and company outing venues.

From a bird’s eye view, the Verde marine ecosystem appears like a narrow strait separating two provinces in the Philippines. To the locals living in the coastlines of Batangas and Mindoro, it is but a fishing ground, and to the public, an important shipping route for passengers, goods, and services. But, to marine scientists Carpenter and Springer, and the many diving enthusiasts in the country, the real beauty and purpose of the strait lies deep in the water.

Sustaining Life and Biodiversity

The passage has been declared as the proverbial heart of the Coral Triangle, or the apex of aquatic life on Earth. It is home to 60% of the world’s known corals and marine flora and fauna. But scientists note that this percentage will rise as there are still many unexplored areas.

We all know that the Philippines is one of the two megadiverse countries in the world, but this level of concentration is certainly unprecedented. Future expeditions will surely add much more rare and new species to the list.

Protecting the Verde Grande Passage

While the passage has earned the Philippines an impressive title as a major biodiversity hotspot, this level of abundance needs extra protection. Not only is the strait a major source of livelihood for small fishermen and water-based tourism operators, it also hosts commercially valuable aquatic species.

This aquatic utopia is facing bigger threats every year. Pollution, overfishing and destructive fishing, poaching and overpopulation are considered the most serious threats to the passage. And it will remain highly vulnerable to climate change, large-scale mining, shipping activities, and more.

As new threats add to the list, various stakeholders in Batangas and Mindoro have initiated large-scale projects with a long-term goal of protecting the passage. Using the rich data gathered in previous expeditions, a five-year initiative was launched by the Department of Natural Resources. Much are yet to be known about this megadiverse passage, and the responsibility in protecting it lies on those who benefit the most from it.

What You Should Understand About Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder Binge eating disorder is more common than you would imagine. It affects a large number of people and is the most common disorder in the United States. Studies have shown that it affects 1.6% of adolescents, 2% of adult males and 3% of the women in the country.

Binge eating disorder has been listed as a diagnosable eating disorder as of 2013. This is significant because under this classification BED will now be covered by medical insurance. Let’s take a closer look at BED to find out more.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

BED is characterized by frequent episodes of eating large quantities of food, often to the point of feeling discomfort; there is no attempt to counter the binge with purging, fortunately. The person experiences a loss of control during the BED episode and can experience shame, disgust and guilt after the episode ends. BED usually occurs in adolescence or early adulthood and the episode happens so fast that the person barely remembers what they ate or how much. The episode provides comfort a brief period before disgust and self-loathing sets in.

The Impact

There are many reasons BED can affect a person and this includes the person’s genetic make-up, emotions and experiences. Cultural and social factors also play a part in this. For instance, the need to be thin in order to socially acceptable and the unwise and unhealthy habit of some parents to reward and punish children with food, play a significant role in the acquisition of the condition.

Studies have also shown that depression is linked to BED as also people with impulse control problems. Other psychological factors like low self-esteem and loneliness can also be causes. Some ways to help someone with BED are to get them to seek help for the condition, be supportive and avoid making them feel bad by criticizing them or offering advice. You could also help the situation by setting a healthy example with your own eating habits and remember never to body shame anyone.

The Right Racking for Your Warehouse

Pallet Racking SystemAutomated storage has arrived in Australia! An international company that distributes to over 70 countries has added Australia to its distribution list. The automated storage system the company brought automates all of the reception, storage and outbound processes of palletised or boxed goods. The system was said to have been optimised to minimise storage footprint and to expedite the product handling process. The company envisions that the system can achieve high-volume storage in any warehouse size or condition.

Think Again

Now, you may be a business owner yourself with a warehouse or some other storage facility to store products and product materials. An automated storage system may seem like a great idea. Before you jump on the hype wagon, however, you first have to think about it hard.

Choose Correctly

Shelving Shop Group says there are several types of pallet racking and storage systems. You can choose between cantilever racking, selective pallet racking, double deep racking, drive-in racking and heavy duty pallet racking system. You have to choose the right type of racking, however, to avoid overestimating or underestimating your racking specifications.

Know Your Storage

When you are deciding which type to get, you can consider a few things. You can first think of what kinds of goods are you storing. When you store items with a low turnover rate, you can choose a racking system with a low weight loading capacity. When you expect a high turnover rate, you will be better off with a higher weight loading capacity.

Estimate Space

You can also think about how much floor space do you want or need for your storage. When you have a high number of storage and a limited space, you may want to opt for a racking system that optimises floor space. When you have abundant space, you can choose racking that is much more spread out.

There are several other factors you can think of to make you decide what type of racking to get. With enough pondering, you will be able to choose the perfect racking system for your warehouse.

Doing Cardiolates on a Round Trampoline

Round Trampoline Have you heard of cardiolates? Well, it is basically a portmanteau of cardio and Pilates. It is a combination of heart-healthy and core-strengthening exercises. Unlike other exercises, however, cardiolates is done above a rebounder mat — a mini round trampoline!

Doing cardiolates on a round trampoline

The process

In conditioning your core, you need to execute controlled bouncing movements for 40 minutes as you focus on centering the body. Warm up exercises are usually based on the core principles of Pilates. This is followed by low impact exercises and progressive Pilates to accommodate all categories of exercises.

The workout

Speaking of the physical activities, cardiolates involves single and both arms, shoulders, and legs exercises. And everything’s done while jumping on the rebounder and engaging the abdominal muscles throughout the routine. Some workouts are done while sitting while others with the buttocks at the center of the mini trampoline. Small hand weights can be used as well.

The benefit

Benefits-wise, there are cardiovascular and physiological advantages to doing cardiolates.

  • Improvement in body composition
  • Increase in bone density
  • Improvement in blood and oxygen circulation
  • Improvement in balance
  • Improvement in posture
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Strengthened core and glute
  • Increase in flexibility

The result

People who have attended cardiolates classes claim that it is 68% more efficient compared to running or jogging. This does not necessarily mean that a person will burn calories at that amount. Rather, it means gaining more and better benefits at the shortest time possible. Did you know that you can lose 37 calories with just a few minutes of jumping on a trampoline? How many more calories will you burn if you integrate non-impact cardio exercises? And in a less strenuous way at that?

If you are looking for ways to amp up your workout regime, it’s time to put your mini trampoline out and try cardiolates! It’s definitely an easy and fun way to exercise.

4 Questions to Ask Before Leasing a Car

Leasing a CarAre you thinking if leasing a car is better for you? Here are four questions you need to ask before you make the important decision.

Questions #1: Do you have any lease specials?

Leasing a car is great if you have a limited budget. And you can go even lower if you ask the leasing company if they have any auto lease specials. There are some companies who offer huge discounts on auto leases so they can increase people’s interest in the models that are harder to sell. You get more savings there!

Questions #2: Is the lease contract transferrable?

There are some auto lease companies who allow lease contracts to be transferred to another individual. This is great for people who have plans of moving in the foreseeable future. Auto dealers understand that today’s consumers have more expectations and demands when it comes to flexibility and they do offer it, but to be sure, you need to ask this outright before signing anything.

Questions #3: How long is the lease and what happens when the contract expires?

Common lease contracts run from 24 to 60 months. This flexibility is beneficial to many car leasers who wish to upgrade regularly. When a close-ended lease expires, you need to return the car to the auto dealer. While there are some costs that you need to pay, the end goal is that you return the car.

Questions #4: How much can I really save?

The answer to this question depends on which are you are planning to lease. The good news is that you can use a novated leasing calculator to compute your projected savings if you lease a particular type of ride. And since this is a web-based application, you can do this without even calling a leasing company. You can do you research and your projections even before you make that trip to the leasing company. This way, you already have an idea how much you need to fork up.

Auto leasing is not for everyone but it does offer more people the chance to “own” a car for a while. Whether you lease of buy, keep in mind that you still need to maintain your car and the expenses rest solely on you.

Caring for Your Oral Health: What Your Dentist Can Do

Caring for Your Oral HealthCaring for your teeth is as easy as brushing and flossing. The regular activity of brushing your teeth twice a day helps remove bacteria on the surface of your teeth. It also brushes away the bacteria-causing food particles stuck between teeth. For the stuff that’s stuck too deep for a toothbrush to remove, flossing will do the job.

Why regular dental visit matters?

Your dentist can remove the plaque that’s forming on your teeth. With regular dental cleaning, you won’t have to worry about tooth decay and other dental problems caused by negligence. Your dentist may also do other things for your oral health, and may even inspect you for signs of oral cancer.

Sometimes your dentist may recommend another dental practitioner, such as an orthodontist, if your teeth are crooked and need to be aligned. They may also work with a dental laboratory to fashion a dental appliance for you, such as dentures or dental implants, or veneers and similar appliances.

You may also need a dentist for wisdom teeth surgery. Not all people require surgery to remove these teeth. Those are the people who are fortunate enough that their wisdom teeth are in normal position, leaving the other teeth unaffected. As for the others who have wisdom teeth growing and affecting their other teeth, surgery is important. If you don’t have such wisdom teeth removed, they may cause decay, infection, or other problems with other teeth.

How often should you see a dentist?

Visit your dental office at least twice every year. This is enough for having your teeth cleaned by your dentist, and also for inspection of your mouth. As for those who are having work done on their teeth, such as those who are wearing braces, they may have a different schedule for seeing their dentist.

Regular dental care is important for keeping dental problems away. Stick with oral hygiene practices and always keep your dental appointments.

Steps to Being a Suitable Host Family for Exchange Students and Travelers

Checking Furnace in Salt Lake CityExchange students and international tourists are on the hunt not only for good deals on accommodations but also for the full immersion experience. If you want to experience giving foreign visitors a taste of the local life and learn from it, this article shares a few pointers for becoming a host family.

Registering – You can express your interest in becoming a host family online. There are dozens of reputable schools and businesses on the internet that encourage host programs that cater to different kinds of travelers. Here, you can discover the kind of students or guests you’ll likely be encountering and what they’ll need from you. You can personalize your preferences so only those that do qualify can make inquiries. You might want to be specific on language requirements as well.

Preparing Your HouseholdWhen you have foreign guests over, they will be immediately exposed to your own domestic culture. Your entire household must be open to your decision and should be part of, contributing to your visitor’s understanding of the local customs and lifestyle. As a family, find out more about the new family member’s origins, country and languages. Learn a little of their language just so you can make basic conversation. If they are students who are bound to be exposed to school, let family members that around the same age group to orient their new found friends on campus trends.

Creating a Home – When some guests come from countries with different climates and weather conditions, it’s best that you also prepare their rooms for these adverse temperature changes. See to installing their own thermostat in their rooms to help the newcomer acclimatize to your home. Always check your furnace and air conditioning units to determine if repair is necessary, says Action Plumbing. Consider dietary restrictions and preferences so they can adjust their palates to Salt Lake City’s local dishes.

Make sure you finish your applications and have yourself certified for an exchange student or traveler hosting program. Once completed, it will only be a matter of time before you’ll be welcoming a foreigner into your home.

Users Dwell on Bad Experiences: Avoid Buildup of Negativity in UX

Business InconvenienceYou may probably wonder why someone notices your flaws more than your good points. As it turned out, people, research suggests, are more attuned to negativity than positivity. In fact, one study in general psychology notes that bad comments and emotions have greater weight than positive ones. This is because negative things involve more thinking, with the information processed more thoroughly than good ones.

Denver SEO companies note that the same is also true in websites and user experience. People are likely to remember the hardship they have experienced navigating a site, even though that site has many positive points. Just a single tiny mistake will cause some visitors to act adversely, relating that one flaw to a negative experience.

Familiarity Wins

The thing is, a website doesn’t have to be too flashy or unique — it should match users’ expectations. Note that visitors have mental models of how a website should function. Introducing new steps or workflows disturbs the brain and therefore, results in frustration. When a site looks extremely different with unconventional labels or icons placed in unpredicted places, it won’t meet user expectations.

Reason for Inconvenience

When it comes to addressing user’s concerns, use a microcopy. This short content offers guidelines or sets expectations in a respectful way. This comes handy in e-commerce sites, especially when the shipment of an item will take too long. The microcopy, for instance, can explain that the product will be hand-made or will require parts ordered overseas. This will avoid the buildup of pessimism and will keep clients from wondering what’s taking too long to receive the item.

Unavoidable Issues

Sometimes, error messages are necessary for resolving a disastrous situation. Just be sure to communicate with visitors in a polite way. Note that cold and vague messages can turn a minor problem into a big one, or an extremely negative impression. The interaction should not be stiff or disrespectful. For instance, don’t just say, “There is no availability for the dates you requested”, rephrase this in a courteous and apologetic manner.

Don’t let a single mistake give your website a bad reputation. Apart from addressing web design issues and inconvenience, add elements that could give users a positive encounter or something that would make them smile.