Forgiveness is Divine — But Not Always

October 14, 2016

They say forgiveness is divine, especially in a marriage. Your spouse is far from perfect; they are bound to disappoint you with forgotten anniversaries and misunderstandings. But instead of dwelling on their flaws, it pays Read More

Thank Heavens! How Cloud Storage Helps Companies

October 11, 2016

Cloud storage is rapidly becoming businesses’ preferred choice for storing digital data. While using in-house servers to back up files is the norm, more and more companies are transitioning from physical to online data storage. Read More

Beyond Rain Gutter Materials Pros and Cons

October 3, 2016

Leaky gutters are no fun. It’s an eyesore and can damage nearby areas. It erodes topsoil, stains siding, wets basements and rots windows and doors. Proper installation and use of quality materials are therefore a Read More

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