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Bases: The Foundations of Flavor

European-style BasesFlavor is one of the components that can enhance a dish, no matter if it was cooked at a fine dining restaurant or at home. When love cooking and cuisine, you yourself can learn how to use flavor to your advantage. Your family dinners, parties, and social activities may probably be more enjoyable when the food is delectable.

Groundworks of Flavor

One of the ways you can control the flavor of your dishes is by manipulating the base. Food bases or flavor bases are the foundations of the taste of your chicken or meat, for example. You can recreate common bases in your kitchen, or you can also start with ready-made bases. More than just adding flavor to dishes, bases can also enhance your soups, stews, and sauces.

Commercially Available

When you use commercial bases, you can choose from a wide array of bases. There are numerous bases such as chicken base, beef base, pork base, and even seafood base. Some base manufacturers have even made bases which cater to specific health needs such as bases that are all natural, low sodium, vegan, and other variations. There are also vegetable bases that include mushroom and mirepoix.

Inside Bases

Bases have several components to them depending on the cuisine you are aiming for. Basically, bases have aromatic vegetables, sometimes some meat, and perhaps a bit of fat. You can create European-style bases by combining around four vegetables, herbs, and a little meat. For Asian-style, you can simply add ground spices with the aromatic vegetables.

Create Your Own

For creating your own bases, you can follow two basic guidelines. First, you can start with the aromatic ingredients that take time to cook like onions, leeks, and carrots. You can sauté them to squeeze out the flavor. Once they are cooked, you can then add fast burning ingredients such as garlic, ginger, or paprika. With the base done, you can now add the other ingredients of your dish.

Understanding bases can change the way your cooking tastes like. With great taste, your family and friends will surely love your dishes.

Four Types of Shutters You Can Choose from

Window Treatment

Window TreatmentShutters are one of the most popular choices when it comes to window treatments. This is because they offer aesthetic appeal and durability like no other. Whether you put it in the kitchen to withstand wear and tear or in the living room to serve as an exterior design element, you will not regret going for shutters.

Here are some of the best types of shutters you can choose from when designing your home:

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are perfect for kitchens, says The Timbershades Group, as they are made from highly durable materials such as composite, vinyl and wood. It is a popular choice for many homeowners for their bedroom and dining room. You just have to pick the right colour, material and style that fits into the room where you’ll use it.

Louvered Shutters

Louvered shutters are exterior shutters that are usually found in the living room and serves as a great addition to the front yard. They are constructed of overlapping wood slats onto a frame. They fit into practically any type of architecture. Stained louvered shutters work if you want a natural look, and an eye-popping colour is great if your exteriors are dominantly white.

Board and Batten Shutters

Board and batten shutters come in three styles: joined, spaced and arch-top. The style depends on what look you are aiming for. As the name implies, these shutters are made of individual boards united by shorter battens. These exterior shutters can be a wonderful design element outside your home.

California Shutters

California shutters get its name because it is effective in filtering out the bright and sometimes harsh California sunrise. Resembling blinds, these interior shutters have wide horizontal slats. They are often made of wood and are perfect for the living room, bedroom and home office.

These are just some of the many types of shutters you can choose from. Make sure to check out all options to truly find the right ones for your home.

How You Can Get Your Toddler to Like Brushing Teeth

Oral Care in IndianapolisIt’s that time of the day again when you ask your child to brush his teeth or it will rot, and he tightly clamps his lips all the while shaking his head in earnest.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many parents have the same situation at home, mostly during nighttime. Toddlers would push the toothbrush away with their tongues and would thrash around until you let go.

Getting your toddler to brush his teeth every day is a difficult task that could drain your remaining energy. Below are some helpful tips to help your child become comfortable with brushing his teeth.

Visit a Dentist Regularly

Make your toddler realize that caring for his teeth is important. This is why it is essential that both of you regularly visit a family dentist. If you don’t have one yet, you can visit one that’s near you. If you live in Indiana, you can check out Indianapolis family dentistry reviews and make an appointment with the one you feel is the best for you and your toddler.

Taste Matters

Know what your child’s favorite flavor is. Check if you can find toothpaste with the same flavor. Your toddler would enjoy brushing his teeth if you use fun flavors, particularly if it’s his favorite.

Attractive Toothbrush

Give your toddler a nice-looking toothbrush, perhaps one with characters or shape he loves. He would consider it fun to play with and, you guessed right, enjoyable to put in his mouth. You can also get those electric toothbrushes that play their favorite tunes. Yes, there is one like that. reveals that this type of toothbrush pulsates with two minutes of your toddler’s favorite music. How fun can that be?

Do It Together

A toddler’s head is full of questions. Why is it that he’s only the one brushing his teeth and not Mom or Dad? Do they hate it? If yes, then why do they make him brush his teeth? You’ll never know what’s in his head until you see that quizzical look on his face, right? To resolve this, brush your teeth together with him. It can be more fun that way. Besides, you get to spend bonding moments with your cute toddler.

Remember, caring for the teeth should start at a very young age. This way, your toddler will slowly accept it as part of his daily routine. Doing so would ensure that his teeth would become healthy, strong and beautiful when he grows up.

Safe & Organized: Promoting Better Warehouse Operations

Warehouse OperationsWarehouses can be big or small, but no matter their size, it is important that they are safe and organised environments. Safety protects you, your personnel, and the goods themselves from accidents. At the same time, organisation optimises productivity and keeps your storage space from any confusing messes.

Safety, Your Responsibility

As a retailer, you house the bulk of your products and items in storage facilities. You have the responsibility of keeping these facilities safe. Your warehouse storage systems, like pallets and racks, must be up to standards. Your personnel must be trained to work in the warehouse safely and your machinery must be appropriate to your facility. You can initiate all these with the right knowledge.

General Rack Safety

General guidelines for pallet racking include adequate design to contain loaded materials. Partitions between flammable goods must be fire-protective. Your pallets themselves must be of sound condition and must be strong enough to carry their loads. Your personnel, meanwhile, must keep from loading pallets excessively.

Organization Affects Productivity

Apart from safety, organisation is also an important component to a storage facility. Not only does it contribute to the productivity of warehouse operations, it also reduces the stress of your workers that may otherwise be unhappy over a messy warehouse.


For one, you can plan the layout of your warehouse to cut down on travel time from one end of the warehouse to another. You can place the products and materials that you use the most at the front of the warehouse. This employs the 20-80 principle wherein you prioritise the 20% that make up 80% of your orders or services.

Automated systems

Depending on the size of your warehouse, you can consider getting a conveyance system to help your workers move things around. A conveyance system can be a good boost to productivity. This way, your personnel can stop crisscrossing inside your warehouse.

Who says your warehouse should be a dangerous and chaotic place to work in? You and your workers will all be happier with a safe and tidy workspace.

This is the Truth: Bankruptcy Does Not Mean You Failed

Bankruptcy Case in SandyThey say bankruptcy is equivalent to failure. This is simply not true.

The stigma that came along with filing for bankruptcy in the past is just not the same today. Bankruptcy simply means finding a way to live better financially. So before you judge yourself, or shake your head in embarrassment and say “shame, shame, shame,” in front of a mirror, remember that you are not a failure.

Defining Failure

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “You don’t fail unless you stop trying,” and it’s true, according to Utah Bankruptcy Pros. If you’re willing to try again, you are not a failure. If you choose to file and hire a bankruptcy attorney, it simply means you’re willing to give yourself a second chance.

To understand this better, let’s look at what filing for bankruptcy really means.

Bankruptcy simply means seeking the legal protection afforded to you under the law. FindLaw defines it as a court procedure that helps people pay off their debts. If you prove that you deserve it, the court will protect you during your proceeding.

Simply put, filing for bankruptcy simply means asking for a chance to reset your financial clock.

Famous People Who Filed for Bankruptcy

Not convinced yet? There are actually many people who once filed for bankruptcy and were able to become successful later in life. One of them is Walt Disney – in the ‘20s, his first film studio went bankrupt. A few years later, he created the worldwide success Mickey Mouse.

Henry Ford also knew how bankruptcy felt. In 1899, he started the Detroit Automobile Company, but he hadn’t mastered his proprietary production techniques yet; in the next two years, he only managed to produce 20 cars. The company went bankrupt two years later – but look at them now.

In summary, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to file for bankruptcy, because it doesn’t signify failure, but rather a strength. And remember, it’s not the end of your life, but the beginning of the next chapter.

Wells, Bird Cull: Purported Solutions for NZ Water Crisis

Clean Water in CanterburyNew Zealand is diving into a major freshwater crisis.

This week, a report from said that more than 60 per cent of monitored water forms in the country are not safe for swimming. The contaminated water supply is poisoning residents with the deadly E. coli bacteria, with half of the Havelock North population struck with the waterborne disease. As such, drinking from the tap is out of the question for the panic-stricken communities.

In the present situation, what can Kiwis rely on for their water supply, and what steps are there to take to resolve the crisis?

Drilling for Clean Water

Well drilling has become a widespread practice, especially in rural areas. With clean water more elusive than ever, residents resort to this undertaking to fill the need for a potable supply.

There is no guarantee, however, that water from private wells is always suitable for drinking. Residents of areas such as Canterbury, where there are thousands of water wells, are becoming wary of ensuring the safety of the supply they are getting. In 2014, the Canterbury Regional Council began a pilot awareness campaign, which encouraged the thorough testing of water quality of private wells.

The Environment Canterbury Director of Investigations stressed that private well owners must be aware of activities that may contaminate their water supply. Farming activities such as horticultural spraying may cause chemicals to leach into the soil and consequently affect nearby bodies of water.

‘Bird Cull Can Fix Water Quality’ – Environment Minister

Whilst Canterbury residents seemed to solve the water problem by using private wells, Environment Minister Nick Smith says that a bird cull can improve the water quality of NZ rivers and lagoons. The minister pointed out that most bodies of water in the country are inhabited by birds, most of which are carriers of bacteria and other contaminants.

In August, Dr Smith stated that making NZ waters ‘wadeable’ is the government’s objective. But, many environmentalists said it should not end at that, as the need for potable water continues to loom.

New Zealand has had hundreds of water contamination cases in the past few years. Whether or not these solutions will work to avoid similar situations in the future still leaves a lot to be seen.

Maybe It’s Misdemeanor: When To File Misdemeanor Charges in Utah

Misdemeanor Charges in UtahAlthough misdemeanors are not felonies, they are also not a minor offense that you can just brush aside. They could still leave a mark on your record or result in jail time and fines. For this reason, your misdemeanor attorney should be able to represent you competently and help you understand the details of your case, whether you’re the one filing the case or are being accused.

According to Utah law, misdemeanors have three classifications and are punishable by up to one year in county or local jail. Here are the different ways a person can file such charges.

Class A Misdemeanors

A class A misdemeanor is the most serious type of misdemeanor. Utah state court says that it is punishable by up to one year of jail time and a fine of up to $2,500. Some examples are:

  • Property theft with a value between $500 and $1,500;
  • Possession of between one ounce and one pound of marijuana;
  • Assault of a police officer;
  • Violation of a protective order;
  • DUI with injury; and
  • Negligent homicide.

Class B Misdemeanors

Class B Misdemeanors under Utah state laws are punishable by up to six months in jail and incur a fine of up to $1,000. Some examples are:

  • Possession of drug paraphernalia or at most one ounce of marijuana;
  • Reckless driving;
  • Arrest resistance;
  • Property theft of at most $500;
  • Public nuisance;
  • Trespassing; and
  • DUI.

Class C Misdemeanors

Utah law states that a conviction for a class misdemeanor may result in up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $750. Here are some examples of crimes that fall under the category:

  • Driving with a suspended license;
  • Driving without a valid license;
  • Public intoxication; and
  • Disorderly conduct.

This list of misdemeanors in Utah provides you with a viable starting point in filing charges or taking action against charges filed against you. Now, your next step is to get a good lawyer to protect your rights.

Margaret River: A Region Reserved for Fun, Adventure and Food

Sailing in Margaret RiverLook no further than a Margaret River restaurant when looking for good food. Make sure to add an extra day or two in your holiday to sample most, if not all of them.

Here is The Berry Farm‘s guide to a food trip in Margaret River.

Wine and Cheese

You might want to visit the Farmer’s Markets and indulge yourself with fresh produce, artisan cheeses and delicious hand-made chocolates.

Don’t forget to taste the local brews and tour the cellar doors. Some of Australia’s best cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, semillon, sauvignon blanc, merlot and shiraz wines are produced in this region. This doesn’t come as a surprise since 15 percent of Australia’s premium wine comes from Margaret River. This is truly heaven for all the wine connoisseurs out there.

The Great South West

After satisfying your cravings for wine and cheese, it’s time to explore Western Australia’s Great South West. From award-winning wineries and restaurants to stunning beaches in just a few hours, your visit will not be wasted. There are also activities for the more adventurous tourist. You can go abseiling, mountain biking, canoeing, rock climbing and surfing in world-class surf breaks.

When you’re done with the more adventurous activities, you can wind down with nature appreciation activities. Visit the lush forests and get lost in some of the world’s tallest hardwood trees or be ready to be blown away by the longest straw stalactite in one of the ancient show caves open to the public in Western Australia, the Jewel Cave. You can also while away the time frolicking on the beautiful beaches.

For a more relaxing endeavour, watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean, go swimming with dolphins or spot migrating whales.

Food and nature lovers will surely enjoy visiting Margaret River but if you really want to experience most of what it can offer, time your visit with the annual wine and food festivals.

Sparkling Water: Does it Damage Your Teeth?

Sparkling drinksWe all know the benefits of water, but many of us find it too boring and flat to enjoy. This is why people turn to the sparkling variety, believing it is better and healthier than other flavoured and fizzy drinks. As sparkling water is less acidic than soda and sweetened beverages, you may think that your teeth are safe from enamel erosion.

Acidic Drinks and Erosion

It is true that sparkling water is healthier than fizzy drinks, but is more acidic than plain water. There is a possibility of dental erosion if you are used to drinking it most of the time, every day. The acid in the water can wear away your tooth enamel and reveal the yellow colour of the dentin. The problem intensifies if you swish it around your mouth every time you drink. The water becomes even more acidic if you add lemon or lime juice.

Plain Water Is the Best Drink

The Priory Dental Practice’s Walsall dentist notes that the best drink for your teeth is plain water. It has a pH level of 7, and won’t do any damage to your pearly whites even if you swish it around. Some sodas have a pH level of as low as 2, which can be very damaging to your teeth. Milk is also a healthy choice, as it helps neutralise acid in your mouth.

Sparkling Water in Moderation

Water is the safest drink, but it is still better to choose sparkling water than sugary soda. Just do not make it a habit or a substitute for water. It is important, however, to be cautious if you have dry mouth or taking medications that can cause dry mouth. This is because less saliva flow cannot neutralise the consequences of acid. It is also better to drink sparkling water with a meal.

Enamel erosion is a slow process, but can be a troublesome dental problem. It causes sensitivity to hot and cold foods and makes your teeth appear yellow or darker. If you want to avoid this problem, always choose water and avoid sugary drinks. It is also best to visit your dentist for check-ups and to know the dental procedures that can improve the current state of your oral health.

Spill Kits: The Need to Have One

Oil SpillSometimes, no matter how many precautions you take, accidents, such as spills here and there do happen. Apart from cleaning spilled substances (both in land and water), the tricky part lies in containing them to avoid hazards.

Chemical spill kits are made for such situations. How important are chemical spill kits and what does it contain? Read on to find out.

Why are spill kits important?

Chemical spill kits are important to prevent hazardous substances from wreaking havoc to the environment and to people’s health. Different kinds of substances and working environment require a different kind of spill kit. There are kits that are made to absorb chemical spills on solid surfaces, while there are ones designed to prevent chemicals from further spreading and damaging bodies of water. Then, there are also truck spill kits for truck drivers transporting a huge amount of chemical substances from one place to another.

Apart from preventing further damage to the environment, spill kits protect people from health hazards from being in contact or simply inhaling such chemicals.

What should be inside a spill kit?

As mentioned, there are different types of spill kits for different circumstances. But, the most basic materials a spill kit should have are:

  • Personal protective equipment

  • At least 2 pairs of chemical splash goggles
  • At least 2 pairs of chemical resistant gloves
  • At least 2 pairs of rubber shoe cover
  • At least 2 pieces of overall covers
  • Absorption and Clean-up materials

  • Pads, sponges, pillows and spill socks for absorption
  • Plastic scoop or shovel to consolidate solid materials; tongs to pick them up
  • Heavy duty waste bags
  • Heavy duty tape for sealing
  • Hazardous waste labels
  • Brush and detergent for cleaning

More materials should be included on the list depending on the type of chemical and area where one would be working with. While these spill kits allow you to handle emergency situations, calling professional help especially when spills are more than 1L should be made.

A complete spill kit, plus the presence of mind and teamwork can save more people and the environment in ways you can never imagine.