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Studying in Singapore: What Documents Do You Need?

MBANowadays, it has become easier to study abroad regardless of the motivation behind it. Some people want to advance their careers, while others simply desire to gain more knowledge about a specific field. Whether you want to soup up your resume or are interested in gathering more information in your scope, there are a number of requirements that you must meet.

Here are some documents you need when applying for an MBA in Singapore:

Completed Application Form

Get the right application form. You need to fill in the form carefully — no misspellings and inaccurate information. You can type and print the form for better legibility. The last thing you want is for your application to face disqualification because of simple mistakes.


Before applying for an MBA, there are certifications you must get. Each country follows a specific education system. It is a requirement in Singapore to produce secondary certificates and higher secondary certificates. You will have to provide your undergraduate certificate when you are done with your degree, as well.

Well-written Resume

Anybody who wants to secure a spot for MBA education should prepare a powerful resume. Do not assume that it is too early in your academic life or career to have a powerful resume. Stick to the two-page maximum rule when preparing a good resume. This, along with a statement of purpose, is enough to help you win a spot in a competitive university in Singapore.

Photos and Letters of Recommendation

Passport-sized photos are important for identification. Always double check to ensure you have the right size of photos. It is likewise important for the university to know what others think about you. A good letter of recommendation is not simply a requirement; it’s a great way to boost your chances of success.

Find out what documents you need when applying for an MBA in Singapore. Know all the requirements you need to avoid going around in circles.

The Do’s and Don’ts When It Comes to Eye Lash Extensions

Eye With Long EyelashesIf you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and skip tedious makeup routines, eyelash extensions are your go-to option. Over the years, more women have embraced this procedure, thanks to the darkened color of the lashes and how easy it is to customize the shape. But, getting eyelash extensions doesn’t mean that the work stops there.

Industry experts at note that eyelash extensions require proper care to ensure they last longer. While lashes are expected to last 4-6 weeks, there are some things you can do to let them stay intact.


  • Avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours – After getting your eyelash extensions applied, you should ensure that you don’t get them wet for 24-48 hours. Steam rooms or a hot yoga may cause the extensions to stick together, which can give you a weird look. Eyelash extensions may be water resistant, but they are not waterproof.
  • Use mascara – If you’re looking to further darken your lashes, you can use mascara. You only need to ensure that it’s not waterproof. Additionally, only apply the mascara at the tips. While removing your mascara, use an oil-free product.
  • Reshape your extensions – You can gently comb your lashes out to give them their original shape after you’ve taken a shower.


  • Use cotton on the extensions – Cotton has fiber, which will attract lint if used for the eyelash extensions. You can instead use a soft cloth and water when removing your eye shadow and liner.
  • Use heavy creams around the extensions – Using heavy oils or eye creams near your extensions will only loosen the glue.
  • Expose your lashes to heat – Avoid exposing your lashes directly to heat while cooking or baking. The extensions may be heat resistant, but this doesn’t mean that they are heatproof.

Caring for your eyelash extensions is important. By keeping these things in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy your extensions longer and keep them looking more beautiful.

Do Not Be Hasty: Switch to Cloud Computing with Great Care

Cloud ComputingMost companies are switching to cloud computing as it is efficient and much more convenient. In cloud computing, all your data and company information is a virtual drive, from where you can extract as well as access all data whenever or wherever you require.

However, LoadSpring explains that the springboard system or the home screen of the cloud computing system will be different from the traditional method and certain amount of familiarity is required. Nevertheless, the springboard for most of the commercially available virtual servers is quite user-friendly.

What are the Precautions to be Taken Before Switching to Cloud Computing?

There are important points that you must consider before switching to cloud computing. Here are some of them.

Private or public cloud: It is important that you consider the sensitivity of the information that you want to store in the virtual server. And if the information is sensitive, then you must consider storing it in a private cloud instead of a commercially available cloud.

Extraction of information is smoother: Accessing the information at a future date becomes easier with a private cloud, as the company whose servers you are hiring will also help in the data mining process.

Mobile security: Irrespective of whether you are storing the information in a private or public cloud, most cloud-based information can be accessed through mobile devices. So before switching to cloud, have security measures to ensure that your information is well protected even when accessed from a mobile device.

Password policy: Introduce a strict password policy in your company. Normally, information stored in a virtual drive is much more accessible than when stored in a hard disk. However, this issue can be overcome by introducing strict password policy in your company.

Switching to cloud computing will prove to be beneficial for the progress of your firm and all you need to do for a smooth transition is to take certain security measures to protect your enterprise’s sensitive information.

All in 2016: Best Websites to Check Out

Web Design Services in DenverWhether you’re bored or procrastinating, spending your time online is one of the best things you could do. But of course, you have to make sure that you’d spend it only on the best websites. shares some of the websites worth checking out.

1. Upvoted

Only the best the web offers.

Notable developers in Denver will tell you it’s a great site because it lets you get only the best content from the internet. Upvoted was born to make sure that those who don’t lurk around Reddit too much would still get to read interesting content—without having to browse all of Reddit! Now, that’ll definitely save you time and effort!

2. Notey

Personal thoughts – all in one site.

Seriously: who has time to subscribe to every single blog around? Well, if you can relate to that statement, you would surely appreciate Notey – a website that curates the best stories from your country’s best blogs. You’ll know what’s going on, and feel closer to your people, too. This way, it would be easy to keep track of everything.

3. All Day

Ah, you would love to spend all day with this.

All Day has a vast collection of entertaining and informative articles – such as photos of countries’ borders, the history of conjugal visits, historical heartthrobs – and everything that has the tendency, or have once been, viral. It’s a great website to spend your time on because you’d come out smarter and well-informed after.

4. Bored Button

Time to end your boredom.

By visiting the Bored Button, you’d see a page with the, err, “bored button” on it. Now, what you have to do is click the button—and once you do, you would be treated to incredible magic tricks, games – or websites that could also cure your boredom.

5. The Hustle

Okay, keep that song out of your head.

And of course, to help you catch up with what’s going on each day, just visit The Hustle – they curate the most interesting stories each day for you.

Keep your boredom out of place and have fun with these interesting, entertaining websites.

Work and Play: The Coolest, High-Tech Offices

Work PlaceThere are offices that literally make you want to go to work. Why? Because not only are they aesthetically good, they’re technologically advanced, too — just like the ones below. 

  1. Outbrain

Apart from the Cisco sfp-10g-sr price certified gadgets, this Silicon Valley office has quite a relaxed ambience. The walls have graffiti and comic-like murals. There are chessboards available to play with, and there are lounges one can relax in — making it perfect for both work and play.

  1. Google

Google has almost all the answers you need — and it’s not hard to see what keeps its employee’s inspired. The Google Office is in various colors and themes: the playful area with the Google name in slide-like figures; the dim, cozy blue reading area with that moose sculpture on the wall; bean bags, couches, playful lights, and colorful eating areas — this office surely is a great place to be in.

  1. Foursquare

Located on the 10th floor of an airy SoHo loft, Foursquare’s office is filled with light — literally and figuratively. With windows showing the city of Manhattan, employees have benches instead of the boring office chairs. There are meeting rooms in different colors and designs — cameras for Photogenic, yellow wallpapers for Swarm, and the like. There are also ping-pong tables and large bingo casino chips — just for fun.

  1. Acuity

Boasting of the tallest flagpole in the United States, and their famous rock-climbing wall, Acuity is perfect for the adventurous — yet resourceful and industrious at heart. A Ferris wheel is around for those who need to relax, and the cafeteria is a designed like a party’s always ongoing.

  1. Autodesk

With views if the Silicon Valley, Autodesk has interesting installations on the ceilings, roomy conference rooms, a lounge area, and a green, grassy, relaxation area — where naps are actually allowed so employees could recharge.

Work does not always come easy — and that’s why it is important to make sure that your office has all the right technological advancements, together with great aesthetics — so you’d get to work and play, at the same time.

The Key to Successful Homebuying is a Good Mortgage Lender

House For SaleWhen you’re looking forward to purchasing a new house for your family, the excitement catches on – and so does the stress. A huge chunk of it comes from financial concerns. Where will you get the money, and how are you going to choose a mortgage lender you can count on?

Your friends and relatives may suggest providers such as Jacinda’s Loans. While they have their reasons to recommend them, the choice is still yours. Here are some ideas for finding a mortgage lender that suits your needs.

Start With You

Be the client mortgage lenders want to have. Often, a lender is as good as the borrower. If you’re facing mounting debts, your chances of finding a provider that’ll offer you great rates is low. You’re likely to pay higher interest rates because they’re not sure you’ll be able to pay them. Reduce your debts, and improve your credit score. Then, you can negotiate for better deals.

Compare Mortgages

Going online can help you find reasonable mortgage rates. As you check the lenders you have in mind, compare theirs with what you’ve researched. If you’re planning to live in your prospective home for the next decade or so, ask them if there’s a possibility of lowering the rate by buying mortgage points. This lets you pay some of your interest up front to reduce your mortgage rate.

Ask Around

If those in your circle have prior experience with lenders, ask them to refer one who’s easy to work and deal with. In the negotiation process, a lender who can explain matters thoroughly and is responsible and trustworthy gives you a lot of advantages.

Do a Background Check

Ask about their experiences and qualifications and have them show proofs of it. While official documents may already be acceptable, they don’t guarantee a smooth working relationship. Meet them face to face, go over the contract, and read the fine print with them. If they’re upfront, honest, and realistic about estimated costs, then that’s a good sign.

A mortgage lender may be the key to successful homebuying. So, find yourself a good one, and you’ll be able to enjoy your purchase.

Local SEO Factors You Need to Attract More Visitors to Your Site

Local SEO StrategiesEven if you only own a small, local business, there’s no excuse not to build an online presence. This is because people are relying more and more on the internet to find their needs and wants. You can get a lot of leads online and you can turn those leads into actual sales and customers through local SEO.

To help you know more about how to do it effectively, here are some of the most important local SEO factors you’ll need: 

Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews is the new word of mouth marketing. People like reading reviews because they know that they’re based on the experiences of other customers like themselves. Without customer reviews, your business will simply fade in the background of other business that have them. That’s why you need to encourage your loyal customers to leave good reviews about your business. Offer them a simple freebie when they post a review or rate your business a 5.

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Title tags and meta descriptions may be difficult to understand, so looking for SEO companies in Minneapolis and hiring one can benefit you greatly. Title tags and meta descriptions are important on-page SEO elements because they appear on search results to give users a gist of what your site is all about. Make sure they present your business in a clear and engaging way to spark the interest of people and encourage them to check your site out.

Mobile Friendliness

Don’t lose potential customers just because your site isn’t mobile-friendly. Most people that look for local businesses do so on-the-go using their mobile devices. That’s why your site should be mobile-friendly. If not, your visitors will simply close your site and look for a competitor with a mobile-friendly site. Google will also penalize you if your site isn’t mobile optimized.

Once you master the art of local SEO, you can get users to talk about your business more and eventually become loyal customers. 

What a Tangled Web: The Horrors of Hollywood’s Worst Divorces

Celebrity Divorces in Los Angeles

Celebrity Divorces in Los AngelesThey often have fairytale weddings—but the results are not always great. Some celebrity divorces just make you gasp—in horror—and you’ll find some of them here!

  1. Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin

Cases like Kim and Alec’s really need the help of divorce attorneys in Los Angeles or anywhere else. You see, they used to be good together—until such time that Alec’s temper tantrums and Kim’s anxiety problems got the best of them. Who could ever forget Alec calling her daughter a “rude, thoughtless pig”? While they are all in good terms now, this one’s truly one for the books.

  1. Madonna and Sean Penn

Nicknamed the Poison Penns by the press, these two had a sweet beginning—but it all turned dark and literally deadly. Not wanting to let Madonna go, Penn held her hostage, tied her up, and beat her—while sexually assaulting her for 9 hours until Madonna found a way to escape. The two have managed to become friends decades later, but this incident will always be remembered by many.

  1. Heidi Klum and Seal

These two seemed to be on top of the world—with their beautiful kids, and those affluent wedding renewals. Then one day, the world was shocked when they announced their divorce. It’s said that it stemmed from Seal’s temper issues—and then he said it was because “Heidi was fornicating with the help”. Yikes! This started a downward spiral in their relationship—and nothing was ever the same.

  1. Liza Minelli and David Gest

She gave him what?! Well, according to David Gest, his ex-wife gave him herpes, but Liza said that it was Gest who gave her the disease, was poisoning her with drugs, and said he made her fear for her life. It was a classic case of he said, she said—only in the most bitter, brutal sense!

Divorces are never fun, but while some are done in peace, others are just completely nasty—and these are the best, or rather, worst examples!

Stick to SEO Fundamentals and Avoid Cheap Tricks for Best Results

SEO in OgdenYou have already spent a considerable amount of money on digital marketing efforts, but there is something wrong with the approach. Customers are not biting. No one seems to buy into the tricks you have employed in designing and marketing the site. It’s possible you’ve taken it too far with the tricks. Professionals who have been in the search engine optimization (SEO) business tend to be carried away with fancy, trendy “stuff.” Perhaps it is time to return to the basic principles of search engine optimization.

Content, content, content

It all boils down to the content of the material posted on the site: the text, title, and description. So if your site has good enough content, then search engines like Google and Bing will place it on the priority list. You can use tricks like keyword stuffing and purchased links, but search engines now have the tools to identify these tactics. Standard Examiner shares that the best thing an advertising agency in Ogden can do for you is stick to SEO fundamentals. It’s about producing quality content to position your site on page one of search results.

Your place in Google search rankings

Google is still the most popular search engine in the world today, with an estimated one billion unique visitors each month. Google makes sure its search engine algorithm is in top form at all times, which is a challenge to marketers. Google’s approach makes them think of complying with best practices in order for the website they are working to make it to the Top Ten. Google favors high quality, compelling content with targeted keywords, smart internal linking, and optimized page titles. If you can find a team of digital marketers that can deliver such outcomes, then you’d be heading search engine results lists in no time.

Search engines refer Web users to content that is relevant to them. That is essentially what they do. The question marketers need to answer is how search engines decide on relevancy. If the content is deemed relevant, then it gets the exposure the search engine thinks it deserves.

No Rights: Denial of Child Visitation

Child Visitation

Child VisitationWhile the courts agree that both parents should have visitation rights, they can deny visitation if the child might be in danger. This usually happens if the non-custodial parent, for instance, is likely to abuse, molest, or kidnap the child. Denial of visitation is also possible if the parent is likely to use illegal drugs while taking care of the kid.

Court Approval

Denying the other parent rights to visitation without the court’s approval is illegal and can result in legal consequences. If there is no order denying visitation, the parent who denies visitation might lose their legal rights or even custody of the child. Family law attorneys in Denver, CO note that if one parent thinks that the other parent doesn’t deserve visitation, they need to go to the court and ask for a modification.

Lose the Rights

Non-custodial parents may lose the visitation rights they had before if they don’t pay child support, abuse alcohol and drugs, molest the child, or if the child wishes to not be with the parent. If the custodial parent thinks that other parent might expose the child to emotional harm or bodily injury, they can notify appropriate authorities to deny visitation.

Restricted Visitation

If the parent with primary custody doesn’t want the other party to be in contact with the child, they need to get the original custody order changed. For restricted visitation, the court may only allow this under supervision. This has specific conditions, which also includes the role of the supervisor. A batter prevention program is necessary to allow unsupervised visitation later on.

Suspended Visitation

Repeated violations of visitation order can lead to suspension of visitation. This may also happen if the parent made threats to fly or go away with the child or if the child is extremely distressed because of visitation. The court may only approve denial, suspension, or restriction of visitation if it is in the best interest of the child.

For those who wish to modify visitation order or protect their child from the other parent, it is best to hire a family lawyer. This will help you know more about the child custody and visitation law and help protect your rights.