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Radiation and Children: In and Out of the Womb


X-RayDid you know that radiation exposure is more common than you think? A simple x-ray or microwave can give you enough of the unhealthy rays that you could have some serious health risks — which means your children are at risk, too.

It doesn’t matter if you are near a huge site that’s waiting for uranium decommissioning from or you work at a hospital as a radiologist. Just using your mobile phone exposes us to these things.

According to doctors in a Brooklyn hospital, premature babies were being exposed to too much radiation because they were getting scanned multiple times a day! Children, especially tiny babies, are more vulnerable to x-rays because their bones are thinner, and the harmful particles can seep into their brain much easier.

To help you understand just how bad it is for kids to be overexposed to radiation, take a look at what could happen:

  1. Higher Risk of Developing Tumors, Abnormal Growth and DNA Problems

Because children, infants and unborn babies are still rapidly growing, exposure to radiation can more easily lead to abnormal growths, especially in the eye, thyroid, bone marrow and gonads.

  1. Developmental Problems

Since the chromosomes are vulnerable during childhood because the body depends on them more heavily to determine how you grow, your children can get mitochondrial problems that can later turn into developmental issues.

  1. Immune System Problems

Since your child’s little illness-fighting systems are less stable thanks to growth spurts and lack of exposure to as many viruses as yours, he’s more susceptible to irregularities and imbalances.

  1. Defects in Your Child’s Offspring

While you may be gone by the time your child feels the full brunt of too much radiation and electromagnetism, the damage the x-ray particles did to your child’s developing body can affect his future children. Their heads may be too small or they’ll have developmental problems as well.

Monitor your child’s needed x-rays and scans when they’re in the hospital because over-radiation is real. Keep in mind that to get quality healthcare, you have to be pro-active about your child getting quality medical attention.

Roller Blinds: Function and Fashion Rolled Into One


BlindsWindows are a visual link to the great outdoors, offering you with exceptional views, natural sunlight, heat and fresh air. They also help in maintaining adequate ventilation inside your home, which is critical to ensuring good indoor air and temperature quality.

However, because bare windows are unappealing, they reduce privacy and cause unnecessary heat gains and losses; you need to make sure you give them a layer of protection, too. One way to do this is to install roller blinds. Perth homeowners will surely find them useful.

Roller blinds are great additions to your home, because they possess the following qualities:

Fashion Statement Great for Perth Homes

Roller blinds, being available in an extensive variety of styles and colours, can be your way to create a bold fashion statement for your Perth home. These are available in different types of fabrics suitable for any type of need. Some provide gentle light filtration, while there are others better suited for greater room-darkening requirements.

Easy to operate and practical

Aside from being good looking, roller blinds are also easy to operate and are practical window treatments. Modern roller blinds now come with easy-to-operate chain control systems, allowing for smoother operation. Since these are available in a huge range of sizes and styles, you can rest assure that you’ll find blinds best suited for your windows.

Just make sure that, when choosing among your many supplier options, you work with one that offers childproof roller blinds for enhanced blinds safety.

Availability of convenience- and appeal-enhancing trims and accessories.

Roller blinds are also versatile that they work great with plenty of different trims. Some of the most popular accessories you can get to increase their aesthetic appeal include fringe, scallop, and braid. There are also pull downs and cutout versions available.

Overall, top-notch quality roller blinds are those specifically made to withstand the harsh weathers that Perth is known to have. Investing your money on these window furnishings is sure to bring you great returns.

Invest and Build: Sunshine Coast is Gearing Up for Future Growth


investmentInbound investments are like a swarm of bees; they fly where they can form another hive and thrive. Just the same way, the need to branch out and start new investments takes more than just a gut feeling and a brisk assessment of survival resources. There should be a foreseeable change in the investment climate in the future.

Such an opportunity is found in the Sunshine Coast. The records of past progress and projections for the coming years all confirm that the area is ripe for business.

Potential Commercial Property

The commercial property investments present viable options for future accommodation business owners. Located in the city is a line of motels for sale. Sunshine Coast offers starters a great avenue for exploration and play, making it an ideal investment destination.

Projections show that the tourism sector is set for further growth in the next few years, so property investors can enjoy support from the local council and government. Their strategies include public projects and other value adding recreational activities that are expected to top last year’s performance – the Sunshine Coast economy recorded a net worth of approximately $12 billion.

Charting New Development Territories

According to the Sunshine Coast official government website, the state is charting a new economy over the next 20 years. They aim to spur a business sector that is responsive to market demand and will deliver greater prospects for the region and the greater community.

Investors may see a fast-changing Sunshine Coast as growth strategies in lifestyle and natural assets are unfolding. To wit, some of the long term plans and projects currently in the process of being rolled out are the construction of the public university hospital, airport expansion project, and development of the Caloundra CBD and Maroochydore City Centre.

All these and more make the Sunshine Coast a potential for growth and expansion location for business people and investors alike. Make the decision to invest where the economic progress is planned and served, and find out what is in store in the Sunshine Coast.

The Remedy for the Homesick: Making Temporary Accommodations Feel like Home

Temporary Accommodations

Temporary AccommodationsIt is easy to feel home sick when you are traveling for more than a few days. When you are thousands of miles away from home, you can fend off the loneliness by making your long-term accommodation feel a little bit like your own house.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Unpack. You often hear the saying “live out of one’s suitcase”, but there is no reason to take it literally. Even if you are going to be staying for only a few weeks, use the shelf space and unpack clothes and other items. The space will feel more like yours during your stay at a long-term accommodation in Perth.

Cook. Nothing will make you feel more at home than doing chores. As you are on vacation, actual chores are not much fun, so settle for something like cooking. Instead of heading out to eat, cook your favourite food and get a taste of home. This can help you save on food expenses from restaurants. It is definitely a win-win!

Mingle. A good traveller knows how to make friends with the locals. Why not kill two birds with one stone and get to know your immediate neighbours? They can show you around and make you feel less of a stranger in your temporary housing. Invite them over for drinks or ask them to explore the city with you.

Decorate. Do not think it is unusual to decorate a place you will only be staying at for a couple of weeks. It does not have to be a complete redecoration. Display a few of your sentimental possessions around your temporary housing to remind you that home is not a place but a feeling.

You can feel at home anywhere in the world if you exert a little effort.  Making a few changes around your accommodation and spreading out instead of keeping your items packed can do a world of difference. The better you are at staving off homesickness, the more adventurous a traveller you will be.

When All You Want is Alone Time: Window Films Can Help

Window Films

Window Films Like many Australians, you’ve probably experienced the feeling that people can see and hear you from outside your home. With privacy being a main concern among many individuals, having this feeling in the comfort of your own home, is not a good thing.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can minimise such privacy concerns in your household. When all you want is to feel safe, secure and comfortable, especially if you’re alone, suggests you apply high-quality privacy window films.

What are these films?

As the term already suggests, privacy window films are films are designed to increase the privacy of the areas they are installed in by reducing the level of visibility. Some are tinted, which makes the glass they are applied on darker, minimising visibility. Some are reflective, which completely eliminates visibility through the glass.

Where are these films usually applied?

These products offer many benefits other than enhanced privacy, which is why there are many places wherein these thin films or laminates are used. You’ll find them commonly being used in the automobile and marine (boat) industries, as well as for residential, commercial (building) and other structural applications.

Why should you invest money in these products?

Window films offer you more than just a way to feel more private inside your home or your vehicle. In addition to enhanced privacy, the Australian Government’s Department of Industry and Science cites window films can also act as blockers of the sun’s heat and light, and can be a way to increase your window’s energy efficiency.

Overall, window films are great investments, both for your home and automobile. Not only are they cheap ways to up privacy,  but they have other features, such as protection from the sun’s damaging UV-rays.


Beyond the Nuisance: The Health Risks Brought by Household Pests

mosquitoCommon pests are not only annoying; they can also put your health at risks. They can bring more than just itchiness and discomfort once they invade your home. The more you neglect your pest problem, the more damage and health risks they may bring.

Here are four common household pests and the dangers they may bring to you and your family’s health:

  • Mosquitoes

As small as they appear, they are capable of causing the deadliest of diseases. These pests cause over a million deaths a year all over the world. Mosquitoes may transmit diseases, such as malaria, West Nile virus, yellow fever, chikungunya, and the different forms of encephalitis.

  • Cockroaches

These pests are not only revolting, but they can also be carriers of bacteria, such as E.coli and salmonella. As the team of explains, cockroaches may contaminate or infect food, utensils, or other dirty places. The saliva of cockroaches or their decomposing bodies may also serve as allergens, which can worsen the condition of those with asthma.

  • Rodents

Those rats lurking can be carriers of bacteria that may contaminate foods and other items in the house. They can easily get those deadly germs from sewers and sewers. Rodents are carriers of bacteria causing West Nile virus, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, hemorrhagic fever, and other fatal illnesses.

  • Fleas

Anyone who has experienced a fleabite would know the itchiness and irritation that come with it. The affected areas can cause great discomfort that can disrupt your sleep and other daily activities. These bites can cause unsightly bumps that may take weeks before they disappear. Some people who may have sensitive skin may even experience allergic reactions from a fleabite.

Drive Those Pests Away from Your Home

Unmanaged, these pests can cause serious health issues. To drive these pests away and prevent them from coming back, seek help from pest control companies. They will know what to do in case you spot these unwanted visitors inside your home.

Out in the Snow: Fun Winter Activities You Shouldn’t Miss

Fun Winter Activities

Fun Winter ActivitiesWho says winter fun is over? Connect with nature and enjoy the last spurt of the cold season. Get the latest sports gear to make the most of your outdoor winter activity.

Snowscene, a popular ski shop in Brisbane, shares some of the activities you can do with your family and friends:

  • Skiing

Skiing is a great sport that allows you to keep your fitness levels up. The sport involves sliding down the snow-covered slope. The trick in this activity is to keep your balance on a snowboard attached to your feet. Downhill skiing is an active sport that will is good for the body and mind. Some of the best places to ski in Australia include the majestic Mount Buller in Victoria and the snowy haven of Thredbo in NSW.

  • Snowboarding

Snowboarding is not just a winter sport; it is also a great way to stay healthy and happy even in the cold. This sport makes you physically and mentally strong. Newbies are highly recommended to take beginner’s lessons before heading out on the slopes. Those who want to do snowboarding for fitness should try the terrain that is appropriate to their skill level.

  • Sled Riding

Sledding helps support your core stability and control during the fast ride down. This also helps in developing endurance, body strength and cardiovascular fitness. With minimal equipment and gear necessary, sled riding is a fairly an inexpensive hobby that is great for anyone who wants to try an action-packed sport.

Come out and play with your family and friends in the snow. Nothing beats a fun-filled memory with the people you love during the winter season.

Moving to London: Helping Expats Survive in the City


LondonExpats moving to London need to learn a thing or two even before the move. Living in a city with 8 million citizens takes a lot of getting used to.

Settle Down: First Things First

Unless you come from another European Union member country, you will likely have to deal with jet lag the first few days of landing in London. To help settle down, make arrangements with a hostel or friends to let you stay a few days.

You will also want to consider a short-term let for a room. Take the first few days to get essentials for your new life – an Oyster card for transportation, a SIM for your phone or a phone with a SIM for your communication needs. Get a bank account as well as a national insurance number.

Where to Live

Consider the distance from work, the commute required and who will live with you. Schooling is a concern when you have kids moving with you. There are catchment areas for public schools that prioritise children living in the vicinity over those from another zone.

Are you okay living in a flat or is a house with a garden more suitable for your needs and taste? Expats with kids to be enrolled in state schools often prefer residential living outside the big city. Note that it is often easier to find affordable accommodations in London suburbs than in the city centre.

Budget is a concern when making a decision, but it is all a matter of looking. LHA London suggest accommodation in central London that offer WiFi to get your money’s worth.

Getting Around London

The transportation system in London is excellent, but you have to get used to the public transport system to help you go around. There are buses, taxis and the tube, the most common form of transportation. Use a bike and you’ll be good to go as well.

There is much to learn for expats planning to settle down in London. Look at the information available and get recommendations from those who have gone through the experience before you.

Nightgrinder: Eliminating Bruxism at Night

teeth grinding

teeth grindingTeeth grinding is common dental problem. If you don’t know it yet, know this: 8% of the entire population suffers a kind of bruxism, the technical term of teeth grinding. It is something of a nocturnal thing, however, as most sufferers grind their chompers when the moon is up. But, don’t think that bruxism is night-exclusive; it’s proven that driving, reading and writing, where people clench their jaws, are causes of grinding.

The only thing promulgating bruxism is disregard. It’s easy to solve teeth grinding, yet it’s still so rampant with the 8% as evidence. You may say that people get used to living with their lesser teeth, but with symptoms, such as heightened teeth sensitivity and stiffness, who would miss it? Nonetheless, as dentists, your time is better spent helping people get over their dental maladies.

So, teeth grinding, what are you supposed to tell our beloved patients?

Jaw Alignment

When a person’s teeth aren’t straight, it’s likelier for them to clench and grind. To achieve stability on empty spaces, they have to move their jaws constantly. This, more than anything, ensures cracking of the teeth. Alignment doesn’t exactly mean braces, according to Orthodenco. There are applicable dental solutions on the market right now that aren’t as expensive and demanding.

Use of Mouth Guards (Bite Splints)

When patients only grind their teeth because of anxiety, it’s better to give them a mouth guard. Anxiety is trickier to deal with and as dentists, it’s more in line to provide dental advice rather than psychological.

Dental Maintenance

At times, a person just isn’t comfortable with his or her teeth. In these cases, preventive maintenance goes a long way in alleviating bruxism. When their teeth are all fixed and their fillings are all in place, people are likely to maintain the position of their teeth.

In every case, it’s better to be honest about a patient’s oral situation. When they manage their teeth and mouth well, it reflects a dentist’s commitment to their work.

Smoking: The Guilty Pleasure that Kills


SmokingDid you know that more than 3 million Australian adults are chronic tobacco smokers?

Even though adverse effects of smoking have long been emphasised by health advocates, most individuals still smoke daily. This is attributed to the addictive components present in tobacco, which makes smoking cessation extremely difficult to achieve. Studies show that some healthcare professionals, who are well-oriented with the toxic effects of tobacco, also find it difficult to stop smoking.

How Does Tobacco Become Addictive?

Tobacco contains a compound called nicotine, which is responsible for the addiction that chronic smokers experience. Nicotine increases the production of dopamine, a potent chemical that is released in the brain, which encourages feelings of excitement. This leads to the subsequent activation of the reward pathways in the brain; hence, triggering feelings of happiness and pleasure.

What are the Other Components of a Cigarette?

A single cigarette has approximately 600 different components that can undergo various chemical reactions upon entering the body. One of the elements present in cigarette is arsenic, which serves as a toxin for household rats.

Carbon monoxide, a potent poisonous gas that inhibits oxygen binding in cells, is also often present in moderate concentrations. Other compounds such as acetone, formaldehyde and ammonia, are other household chemicals that can trigger hazardous reactions upon contact with cells in the body.

Regular Smoking Kills People

Despite the pleasure it gives, smoking is a habit that kills., provider of nicotine-free treatment programs, reveals that tobacco has effects on your physical, mental and emotional health.

Did you know that coronary heart disease has been the number one leading cause of death in Australia for several years now? Smoking is one of the main factors that predispose an individual to various cardiovascular diseases. Hence, various primary preventive measures are constantly employed to alter these modifiable lifestyle habits.

Several tobacco smokers have a strong initiative to stop this habit. However, their repeated attempts to quit smoking eventually are futile due to the struggle of the first few weeks.

Fortunately, treatment programs are available for effective cessation of smoking. These programs provide natural ways to quit smoking that are specifically tailored to ensure efficient, long-term results.