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5 Real Estate Terms Every First-Time Homebuyers Must Know


HomebuyerFirst-time homebuyers can get overwhelmed because of the many things they need to consider. It may look like finding the best home that fits your preferences and budget is like a walk in the park, but it’s not. You need to familiarize yourself with important real estate terminologies for you to make the best decision. Below, Gates Estates shares just a few of the terms you must understand.

Comparative Market Analysis

Comparative Market Analysis is a simple evaluation of homes that just got bought in a certain neighborhood. This analysis is a great factor in determining the most reasonable price range for houses in that specific real estate market.


In Calistoga, CA, real estate agents and agencies have different listings of houses that they are currently selling. These listings are mostly found on their websites, but they can also be in brochures. Listings contain everything you need to know about a house, including its price, neighborhood information, and number of rooms

Earnest Money

Earnest money is the amount you’re willing to pay to show that you really are interested in buying a home. Normally, you should pay this amount within three business days after agreeing to an offer. This ranges between 1 to 3 percent of the home’s total price.

Closing Cost

After giving the earnest money, most agents also require you to pay a closing cost. Usually, this can amount between 2 and 5 percent of the agreed upon purchase price and include attorney fee, title insurance, and recording fees.


Contingencies are precise and detailed conditions you demand from the agent once you place an offer and seal the deal in buying a house. Most common contingencies include complete house inspection, the best financing options, and appraisal. You must discuss this with your agent meticulously to make the most out of your rights as a homebuyer.

As a first-time home buyer, you must be familiar with these basic real estate terms. This will help you land a great deal and be more confident about your purchase.

When Non-Recourse Factoring is Your Best Option


CalculatorWhen you use invoice factoring to handle all your company’s accounts receivable, you automatically get rid of the usual headaches that come with collecting on your open invoices. Because the factoring company you use handles all duties related to your receivables, you won’t have to send out payment reminders to your customers. But, what if your customer doesn’t pay your invoice at all? This is where non-recourse factoring enters the picture.

Below, shares more information about this option:

Non-Recourse Factoring Defined

In general, non-recourse factoring affords you the benefits of invoice factoring, but without having to take responsibility for your customer’s debts. For example, non-recourse factoring companies won’t ask you to pay for an invoice if one of your customers goes out of business. On the other hand, this invoice factoring option carries a higher fee since non recourse factoring companies carry most of the risk. But, the higher cost may be worth your money if you’re worried about potential non-paying customers.

Does Your Company Need Non Recourse Factoring?

Basically, this factoring option is generally recommended for businesses that have customers with exemplary payment records since even the biggest and most profitable companies can go under. If your customer goes bankrupt, and you don’t have a non-recourse factoring agreement, you’ll be stuck with their unpaid invoices.

But, you can still consider non-recourse factoring even if your customers have less-than-perfect payment records. The factoring company will approve a certain dollar amount that you can have in open invoices to each customer. In this context, non-recourse factoring can serve as your financial backstop against credit losses on your smaller customers as well.

In addition, you won’t have to do anything to get your invoices paid as the factoring company will do it all for you. With recourse factoring, however, if your customer is running late on a payment, your factoring company will ask your company to repurchase the invoice. Then you’ll be responsible for the tedious task of issuing calling up your customers to pay their invoices. With non-recourse factoring, you won’t have to worry about these kinds of stressful situations.

Don’t Leave Your Car Out in the Open During an Accident

car accident

car accidentRoad accidents can happen to anyone, and this includes even the most prudent and careful drivers. In most cases, since panic is the first reaction that sets in, a lot of motorists who get involved in such unfortunate events tend to leave their car right away.

This is something you should not do. 131 Tow says you should not just leave your car out there without doing the following first:

Get Somewhere Safe, Away from Traffic

According to the Queensland Police Service, the first thing you should do is to manoeuver your car towards a safe place, if you can, and as soon as possible. Check if anyone has been seriously hurt or injured, and if someone has, especially a pregnant woman or an elderly, call for an ambulance right away.

Call for Help

Depending on the severity of the crash or the accident, you need to report the incident. Reportable cases are those that involve injuries, fatalities, and threats to public safety. If the other party you got into an accident with appears to be intoxicated or does not want to provide contact information, you should also report it to the Queensland Police Service.

Stay With Your Vehicle

There are three primary reasons for staying with your car: first, you want to make sure that opportunists (thieves, burglars) do not take advantage of it. Second, getting on the road, on foot, especially if it is a busy road, can get you injured or worse, run over. Third, you need to be present when the Brisbane accident tow truck service you called arrives at the scene.

As hard as it may be to imagine, staying calm can prevent more serious repercussions after getting involved in a road accident. Keep your wits with you and remember the above-mentioned tips, so you and your vehicle remain safe.

Ducted Air Conditioning for Optimal Energy Efficiency

Air conditioner

Air conditionerIn Australia, air conditioning systems need to satisfy the National Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), including ducted air conditioning units. By purchasing a cooling system that meets these standards, you can make certain that it is energy-efficient.

Why Energy Efficiency in AC Matters

Through the rigorous MEPS, air conditioners that are sold in the Australian market are now more energy efficient. These standards, as reported by the Australian Government’s Department of State Development, ensure that such cooling devices have reduced energy consumption. The lower the energy consumption, the more energy efficient the equipment.

Highly efficient ACs like ducted air conditioning run on lower amounts of electricity to provide comfortable, cool air, resulting in lower electricity bills. Older cooling systems are not as energy efficient as the more modern ones, so it is best you look into your options and consider upgrading. This way, you do not have to continue generating significantly high monthly electric bills.

Key Benefits of Ducted Cooling Systems

When planning to purchase a new air conditioner, consider getting a ducted cooling system. These provide several benefits, and are most ideal for certain situations.

Ducted air conditioners are ideal for whole home cooling needs. Every room in your home gets to enjoy cool, comfortable air all year round. These devices are also easy to control, with as many as six zones being provided with air conditioning. Air is also distributed properly and evenly, with reduced risks of cold or hot spots. These are also considered to be among the quietest of all types of cooling systems available in the Australian market.

Best of all, ducted air conditioning systems are often the most cost-effective option for many homes, especially when compared to the purchase and installation of separate, wall hung systems. With the right choice, you can even increase the overall value of your property.

Red Cedar: The Best Wood Fence Material

Red Cedar in Northwest America

Red Cedar in Northwest AmericaMany wood fences like bamboo and black locust are available in the market, but lumber specialists and homeowners rank cedar as the best for fencing.

The genus Cedrus is a family of coniferous trees and has many qualities that make it great for building quality fixtures. Not all cedar trees are the same, though.

Western Red Cedar

The team of CCC Fence only trusts in a certain cedar species called Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar trees trace their origins to northwest America and Canada. With its tight grains and lack of knots, this wood can make a great fence. As the material is durable, appealing, and long lasting, many people are turning to Western Red Cedar for their home projects.


Red Cedar Wood has been the favorite wood material for building furniture and homes since the earliest days of construction. Hundreds of years ago, the Native Americans used cedar in building their homes, totem poles, and canoes.

Cedar has extractives that increase its immunity against decay. The nearer the lumber is to the heartwood or the innermost part of the tree, the higher its extractive content.


Many external factors affect the life expectancy of a wood material; some of which include climate, the treatment process, and other environmental situations.

Through all these, Red Cedar wood lasts around 15 to 20 years. It lasts longer than red oak, which has a life expectancy of five years. Cedar does not absorb moisture as much as many wood materials do – a reason that it can outlast wet climates.

Design adaptability

Even without the paint and varnish, the red pinkish grain of Western Red Cedar is beautiful as it is. You can use the material in different projects. Whether you want to create boundaries for your children’s playground or for your farm animals, Red Cedar offers the quality design that you are looking for.

As they say, no two wood materials have the same set of qualities. But, for durability, long life expectancy and adaptability, you can be sure about the Western Red Cedar.

From Innovative to Classic: The Curious Case of the 2002 Lincoln Blackwood Truck

Classic cars in Midvale

Classic cars in MidvaleA swanky and sweet ride adds to your style points–more so if the car you drive is a classic. There is something about classic cars that kindles nostalgia for days gone by.

Cars built in the 60s, 50s or even earlier elicit awestruck expressions because of their they fit the bill of ‘classic’. Who would’ve thought that a car released in the early 2000s would get the same response? Such is the case for the 2002 Lincoln Blackwood Truck, whose short-lived days on the display room transformed it into a collectible.

To Be or Not to Be? A Dilemma of Style and Function

The Blackwood is a pickup truck from Ford’s Lincoln division and hit the market in 2002. The manufacturer wanted to go toe-to-toe with the Cadillac Escalade EXT in terms of style and substance.

Classic car dealers like Ardell Brown agree that if you want elegance, the Blackwood provides it with a sleek and elegant black interior and exterior. The redone truck bed turned into a trunk, while the plush carpeting and power tonneau added style points. The exterior of the car’s bed exemplified luxury with artificial burled black wood and aluminum pinstripes.

The designers probably became too enamored with the style of the pickup truck that they failed to realize its lack of versatility and actual function as a truck. The elegance and rear wheel drive only feature limited the Blackwood’s practicality on the road. The truck’s sticker price of more than $50,000 didn’t help its cause either.

Its supposed competition, the Cadillac Escalade EXT, lasted until 2013 while the Blackwood was on sale for just one model year.

What Makes a Classic?

The Classic Car Club has its own definition of classic, but the term differs from one club to another and, from one enthusiast to another.

The 2002 Lincoln Blackwood Truck’s one year showcase gives it an aura of uniqueness. Car collectors looking to brag about a car with a limited release will get one in this truck. The distinct features of the truck also add to its appeal as there are few vehicles that have a power tonneau and a redone trunk bed.

No matter how anyone defines the term, calling a car a classic is also up to the owner. Unique vehicles, even newer ones, may just as well become collectibles in the future.

Staying Fit and Healthy When Working at Home

Work at Home

Work at HomeWorking at home is a good choice for some people, but not for others. Imagine being a few steps away from all the possible distractions — the television, the refrigerator. There’s a higher possibility that you’ll procrastinate and be in-denial, prolonging the stress of the work you should be doing. Like any other desk job, you could gain pounds if you lack exercise and keep on eating unhealthy food. If you think it’s time to change your working habits at home, let this guide help you:

Look for a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers can help motivate you to exercise and eat properly. They measure your strengths and weaknesses then give advice on how to overcome obstacles and achieve your fitness goal. They have flexible schedules, so you can either go to the nearest fitness centre or hire them to visit your home.

Hiring at-home personal trainers is beneficial because you don’t have to spend on transportation and workout in an environment you’re not comfortable with. If you don’t get out of the house at all, Renouf and Fitness Magazine both agree that it’s better to have your training at a nearby fitness centre. Reserve a morning schedule, so you can walk and get some Vitamin D from the sun.

Cook and Eat Healthy Meals

The main advantage of working at home is that you don’t have to bring a lunchbox, dine out or eat at your desk. There’s no schedule to worry about, so you can prepare and eat your own food at your own pace. Don’t ever skip on cooking and eating proper meals. Find recipes on the web that you can cook within 15 minutes or less. That’s even faster than having your food delivered. If your personal trainer recommends a diet plan, then follow it to see satisfying results.

People who work at home need a work-life balance, as well. Even if you’re in the comfort of your home, you should learn how to stay away from distractions and follow a healthy plan.

The Cost of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet CleaningA clean carpet improves the appearance of your home or office. However, some people have second thoughts about having their carpets cleaned because it seems expensive. Unbeknownst to some, professional cleaning services offer services at lower rates.

Factors that Affect Carpet Prices

Various factors can affect the cost. The overall size of the carpet contributes to the differences in pricing of carpet cleaning around Brisbane North. If you have a huge floor covering, it will take a higher cost to clean it up. For most companies, the cost depends on the area measured in square feet.

Another factor is the quality of the carpet. It will cost more if there are excessive stains present since it would require greater manpower and longer work duration. With more people working on the job, professional carpet cleaning prices could shoot up.

Aside from the size of the stain, the company would also consider the difficulty of removing the stains. You will pay for a higher price for carpets tainted with either apricot or mustard, since these stains are difficult to remove. It will also cost more to clean heavily soiled carpets because more tools are required to get rid of the stain.

Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Shop

Choose companies that offer supplementary services. For instance, if you want a fully cleaned carpet, some companies offer pest control services. This eliminates unwanted organisms in your carpet.

Some shops also offer carpet pickup services, whereas others still require you to bring your carpet to the shop. If you live in Brisbane and want to have your carpet cleaned in the western border of Australia, chances are you’ll have to pay more. Select a shop that is near you to avoid unnecessary expenses.

A clean carpet is a decoration that not just enhances the appearance of your home, but maintains the tidiness of the place as well. Do regular carpet cleaning to preserve its quality.

Supportive Cooperatives and How it Could Change Your Life


TeamIn 2002, there were around 48,000 cooperatives, in line with every industry segment, that aided 120 million affiliates or about 4 out of 10 people in the United States. 9,569 were credit unions with 84 million members while housing cooperatives provided for 1.5 million families. Imagine how huge cooperative benefits are at present.

Take note of these cooperative functions and standards, so you already know them even before making that wise business move to join one.

You Cooperate Because…

You want to be a member of a cooperative mainly because of financial and communal factors including the politics that go with it. You attain your goals while helping fellow members accomplish their aims.

To make the most out of their net income, farmers put up marketing unions to acquire more affordable farming goods in bulk, setting input price at its lowest. Similarly, you create consumer cooperatives, so members could buy hard-to-find products at cheaper costs focusing on the class and number of merchandise. Labor organizations work under the same principle, as they intend to bargain with management for better compensation package, workplace situation and employment assurance.

Resources Management Ideals

Cooperatives handle their funds and assets to make sure that there is enough cash to pay up dues; cope with business risks,sustain fiscal independence, and realize overall objectives.

There are many ways to accumulate resources. Membership fees will be spent on tangible assets such as headquarters and tools that will last for a long time. Your investments as members or share funds are meant for medium-term venture expenses like automobiles and machines.

It is thus necessary for cooperatives to follow best practices in funds management by fitting the sources with the uses, the same as the best mortgage rates Ogden residents find. For one, you can only borrow money for practical purposes. Your loan sum will depend on your ability to pay back considering the last scheduled payment. The expected return from fund use must be above the loan interest rates while risks and investment profits should be overseen in loan assessment.

Cooperatives are on top of their sectors—and serving more…every day.

Raising Awareness Around the Radius of Your Wrist

Silicone Wristbands

Silicone WristbandsCustomizable wristbands are popular fashion accessories for individuals of all ages. These wristbands, particularly custom silicon ones, garnered popular attention as an iconic symbol of human connectivity with the introduction of the LIVESTRONG bracelet in 2004. Instantly, these bright yellow bands became a cultural phenomenon all over the United States.

Quality silicon wristbands are the easiest and most popular way to get your message across, especially if you’re trying to raise awareness. Before, people used different-colored wristbands to demonstrate support for important causes and rallies. For example, Lance Armstrong’s yellow wristbands represented cancer awareness and became a worldwide phenomenon.

With numerous customizable options, silicone bands are cost-effective alternatives to t-shirts and other souvenir items. If you want to raise money or awareness, these colorful bands are the place to start.

Why people love silicon bands

Using silicon bands gets the message across easier because people already love them. No need to compete against the tide. People purchase silicon bands that express popular sentiments to reflect their inner thoughts. Supporters of your cause will appreciate your wristband and will want to own one.

Supporters want others to know they reflect your cause. With easy-to-wear and affordable wristbands, raising awareness is fashionable and easier than ever.

Why use wristbands in raising awareness

Sporting different colors around your wrist raises other people’s curiosities, especially when done in groups. Apart from the yellow band for cancer, colors such as pink, red, and green represent breast cancer, AIDS and leukemia, respectively. Wearers raise awareness by informing friends and family the meaning behind each colored band.

Silicon wristbands are customizable. When you order in bulk, you can choose from the various styles, fonts, and colors available. Add a custom design that best represents your cause.

Wristbands are effective tools in spreading the word about an important cause. Much like social media, it possesses the potential in becoming a viral trend. Don’t settle for regular shirts or posters; get your message across around the radius of your supporters’ wrists.