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Acupuncture and its Relation to Fertility and Stress

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Research has shown that some alternate treatments are available to improve fertility, but the result is still a matter of debate. They’ve been promising in smaller groups, and as more studies are continuously being conducted, these therapies will gain more recognition in helping women get pregnant. Many health experts such as Fertile Concepts and WebMD offer information on this kind of therapy not only to increase fertility but also to treat different ailments.

This therapy involves insertion of very thin needles into certain points on the body, which resides on specific channels. This therapy is based on the theory that the body’s energies flow through the human body along these channels. So, the acupuncturist is able to identify and stimulate these points to regulate and restore body functions.

Baby bump

Increased Chances of Pregnancy

In 2002, studies by some German scholars revealed that this therapy could increase the odds of pregnancy of women, who were already undergoing treatment through in-vitro-fertilization. The therapy increases the flow of blood to the uterus and helps the surrounding muscle tissues to relax. This gives better chances for the embryos to implant firmly in the uterus.

Anti-Stress Treatment

Other researches confirm that this therapy is able to relax and de-stress people. As it has been medically proven that stress interferes with pregnancy, reducing stress will improve the odds of the women who want to conceive. This therapy helps them relax and worry less about the procedure.

Improved Male Fertility

This therapy also increases male fertility. After continuous treatment, the sperm counts showed a significant increase and the motility of the sperms also progresses. But, studies have proved that with this therapy the health and the quality of the sperms significantly improved.

Miscarriage Prevention

Apart from helping women conceive, this therapy also helps prevent miscarriages. Once a woman conceives, she can go in for this treatment for the first three months, as this is the time when miscarriages are known to occur. Blocked fallopian tubes do not respond to this treatment, but if the tubes are spasmed, this therapy can help. Combined with other herbal remedies, this treatment has more lasting and positive results.

Quality and Safety: Choosing the Right Materials for Children’s Furniture

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Tables and chairs for children should be safe for use. The edges and angles should be smooth, and the materials should not cause any irritation to the children’s eyes, nose, throat and overall health. While wood or different types of plastics have been used until now, more research is being done to make children’s furniture as safe as possible. Lilly & Lolly, a leading manufacturer of quality children’s furniture, discusses the different materials to help you make an informed decision.

Solid Wood

Wood-based boards are now generally used for children’s tables, chairs, cabinets, and other commonly used pieces. There are three types of boards – particle, laminated, and fibre. Block board and plywood are laminated boards, where wood of varying grains are glued together to lend rigidity. Flex board and chipboard are particleboards, where the particles of different sizes are bonded together with binding resin. Fibreboards are of different types depending on the size of the fibres, the bonding agent used, and the mode of drying and pressing.

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Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is one of the most popular materials used for children’s tables and chairs. They’re known for their stability, great finish and versatility. MDF generates a lot of dust while the work is in progress. But, once it’s finished and the article is painted, dusts become less of an issue. Therefore, chairs, benches, and tables of MDF do not pose any kind of risk to children.

The manufacturing of MDF involves a dry process at very low temperatures. This process renders the bonding agents and resins used within the boards ineffective in causing any harm. These boards are excellent for children’s furniture, as they are durable and strong. After veneering or painting, the material looks very attractive, too.

Plastic Compositions

Plastic is a wonderful material, as it is waterproof, lightweight, and durable. But, plastic and the softening agents used while moulding it can be very harmful. Plasticizer and PVC are known carcinogenic agents and hormone disrupters. So, unless all the material used is known to be safe, it is not advisable to fill your child’s room with this kind of material. Wood is safe material, but the articles made out of it should also be safe. The edges, finishing, and other features should be child-friendly, too.

Keeping it Cool: Using Chillers in the Food Industry

Commercial chiller

Commercial chillers are units that remove heat from food and liquids with vapor compression technology. They help reduce the temperature of food and liquids quickly. Portable chillers have been developed for regular use, as they were originally made for industrial applications.

Most chillers have four main components – compressor, condenser, evaporator, and a metering device. These chillers operate on a closed loop system in which the coolant is kept in the chiller and can be used for a long period. Big chillers used in commercial processes have a separate tank, which cleans and filters the coolant before it’s reused. To understand more about how these machines work, here’s a brief discussion from Smart Family of Cooling Products:

Commercial chiller

Popular for Food Preservation

Process chillers are quite popular with wineries and beer makers. Chiller equipment can also function with chilled water in jacketed vessels. This type is good for products which require cooling before they have to be cooled further.  Different manufacturers offer chiller equipment with easy-to-use controls and a large temperature display.

Chillers are used quite a lot in the food service industry. There’s a “danger zone,” especially for food. Health codes in cities and states require that cooked food spend the least amount of time in the “danger zone” and kept safe for consumption. Shock freezers and blast chillers are used extensively in the food industry to keep food and beverages safe. Food and beverages have to be treated differently, and some chillers are available on the market for this purpose.

Process Chillers vs. Portable Chillers

It is important to know the difference between process chillers and portable chillers before investing in the right one. Blast chillers work like refrigerators bringing cooked foods to temperatures below 40°F in a specified amount of time. Shock freezers can be considered freezers and bring food temperatures down to 0°F in a specified period. Beverage chillers work on the same principle. Thanks to advances in technology, these units can be modified and kept working effectively within the required parameters. Maintenance is very important, as this equipment is sensitive. Staying within temperature ranges is necessary to keep food safe.

Best Dogs for Apartment Living

dogs in an apartment

Dogs are a wonderful addition to any family or household. When you’re renting an apartment, however, there could be limitations about pet ownership. Fortunately, there are dog breeds that could fit well in your living condition. Here are some of the breeds perfect for apartment dwellers:

Boston Terrier

These dogs are polite and very quiet, making them ideal for any apartment owner. They also bond close with their owners, showing affection and loyalty. As they are conveniently small, they only require a small living space and moderate amounts of exercise.

English Bulldog

These breeds are loyal and lovable. They can also be quite lazy, as they love loafing around. English bulldogs only require a minimum amount of exercise and grooming. These breeds, however, don’t tolerate heat well, so it would be better to have an air conditioner.

dogs in an apartment


If you want a playful dog for your household, dachshunds would make a great choice. They can adapt well to any lifestyle and living space, even if you rent a small apartment. Dachshunds can be vulnerable to obesity, so they need regular exercise. They also bark quite a bit so you need to be careful if you have strict apartment complex.


These breeds are one of the most popular choices among apartment dwellers. They are highly affectionate and want to be with their owners wherever they are. Pugs are also fond of brisk city walks. They require a little grooming, as the folds in their mugs need regular maintenance.


While Maltese dogs have long fine fur, they only need a little upkeep. Their fur is not prone to shedding so you can keep their attractive looks without regular grooming. They are also quiet and highly affectionate, making an ideal pet for any apartment.

Other ideal breeds include Yorkshire Terriers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Chihuahuas, and Greyhounds. Check with your apartment manager or rental community to confirm the acceptance of dogs. Make sure to provide appropriate care for your pets to ensure long-term companionship.