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Body and Machine: Getting the Right Equipment for Your Workout

workout equipment

Whenever you enter a gym, the first thing you’ll see will be rows of exercise equipment. Treadmills, ellipticals, stair masters, and stationary bikes as far as the eye can see. All these different machines play different roles in fitness, and choosing the one you need for your well-being can be a challenge in itself.

workout equipment

If you’re skeptical, try this little test: name the exercise equipment that’s supposed to get you the most fit; the ones that burn off the most calories; and the ones that have the least impact on your joints. Unless you already know the answers to these questions, it would only benefit you to keep reading.

The treadmill is the best cardiovascular machine to burn off calories. You can burn an average of 100 calories per mile of brisk walk. But, this isn’t a machine for people who are overweight, or have joint pains because the feet absorb 3.7 times the normal force every time it hits the ground at a faster pace than normal.

Those with joint problems are better off with a stationary bike. The weight of the body isn’t focused on the knees, and is even used by rehabilitation clinics to strengthen those joints.

Finally, what machine gets you fit faster? Assuming your body is used to heavy workouts, the machines that involve more muscle groups are best. Examples of these are rowing machines, and an elliptical with arm components. They involve the entire body and should get you sweating in no time.

Turn Trash into Cash: Sell Your Broken Laptops


Electronic devices contain toxic materials such as mercury and lead. These materials not only harm the environment, but also every system in the human body. According to research, cast off electronic devices constitute 2 to 5 percent of the solid waste stream across America. For this reason, many states have now implemented electronic recycling laws that prohibit people from throwing devices in the trash.


If your laptop is broken, you have the option to sell it online instead of throwing it away. Apart from countering the problems, you also get to earn money. You can sell your old laptop on sites like eBay, Craigslist, or Cash for Laptops.

Keep in mind that technology depreciates quickly, so if you choose to recycle, work with refurbishing companies that can either give you the prevailing market value or an even bigger amount.

Below are some other reasons to sell your laptop for cash:

Room for New Gadgets

Before you head out to buy new tech toys, gather up your old gadgets and try your hand at selling. This way, you can add a little cash to your money box.

Simple Transactions

Selling your old laptop for cash to the right dealer has additional benefits. Most online recycling companies providean immediate quote for your device and even pay the packaging and shipping costs.

Appreciate the hidden value of your old laptop. Turn it into cash and contribute to making a greener world.

Sound Medical: Say Audiologist

ear doctor

There’s always a slight feeling of squeamishness whenever somebody mentions they need to see an ear doctor. Since so many people use glasses, an eye doctor is no big deal. A nose doctor, on the other hand, would be too weird for anyone to mention. But, an ear doctor strikes that balance by dealing with cases serious enough to warrant a mention and still uncommon enough to raise eyebrows.

ear doctor

This is why people should familiarize themselves with audiologists; it sounds official and doesn’t make people think about earwax. In Los Angeles alone, clinics like Pacific Specialists concentrate in audiology for people who have hearing or ear-related health problems.

Why Go to an Audiologist?

What’s the point of going to an audiologist if you’re not deaf and clean your ears properly everyday? Well, some conditions can still affect people even if they take proper care of themselves. Going to the dentist twice a year, even if you brush every day, is a good example.

Audiologists can treat things like vertigo, dizziness, and balance disorders caused by inner ear conditions. Anyone will readily admit that balance disorders are a lot more common, and need near immediate medical attention.

If your doctor recommends you go to an ear doctor, don’t think twice about it. If anyone asks, just say you have an appointment with your audiologist.

How GPS Trackers Improve Fleet Safety

GPS Tracking

Technology has changed the car industry, as you can track your vehicle’s location using your mobile phone or other device.This can make coordinating delivery schedules simpler and easier. There are many types of systems available that you can use for your business. Know the latest tracking gadgets available so you can start analysing which one fits your vehicle fleet.

GPS Tracking

Here are some reasons GPS trackers improve driver and vehicle safety:

Monitor driver behaviour

“How’s my driving?” sign is a common method to finding out driver behaviour for years. Fortunately, GPS vehicle trackershave replaced this method to give more information on driver behaviour. The technology doesn’t just monitor drive time and speeds, but it checks unauthorised usage and rapid acceleration as well.

Smarter navigation

Always knowing where crews and vehicles are isimportant in ensuring the safety of your workforce. Tracking systems provide business owners an easy way to dispatch and safely communicate with their fleet.

Updated vehicle maintenance

Keeping up with vehicle maintenance will not just increase the life of a vehicle, but prevent any accidents in the road, as well. Some location monitoring devices can schedule reminders for any type of service or maintenance needed. Fleet owners can also view upcoming and overdue maintenance on-demand.

Many people believe that GPS vehicle trackersarejust a vehicle location system. What they don’t know is that theseprovide a range of information to help improve fleet performance from fuel efficiency to driver and vehicle safety.

The Must-Have Software Programs for Music Students


Advances in technology allow students to learn anywhere, anytime. Different programs are now available to the public, some of them even for free. For instance, music students don’t have to stay inside the school’s music room for a long time since they can bring their instruments and other tools to their own computers.



This program records live and streaming audio, which you can export to MP3 or WAV output format. It allows you to cut, delete, copy, and overlap multiple audio files. Removing background noises, increasing the pitch, and adjusting the frequency are some of its most useful filters.

Muse Score

This open source, cross platform software lets you edit and create music. By downloading a free copy of Muse Score, you’ll have different features, including a jazz lead sheet that you can print and share online. It allows you to compose songs without using a paper and pen, since it offers templates with musical keys, notes, clefs, and many more.

Garage Band

As part of the ILife package, this software is available for free when you buy a new MacBook. A mobile version is also available in the App Store for older iOS devices. It lets you arrange audio files on separate tracks to create music. Recording is also available through interfaces such as the USB Mixer or IK Multimedia iRig.

Download free programs like Muse Score and Audacity, or Garage Band if you have a Mac. These programs can help you practice and create your own masterpieces.

The Unlikely Benefits of Jumping on a Trampoline


Much has been said about how trampolining can burn fats and initiate interactions among family and friends. If you’ve got a big enough trampoline in your backyard, you’re lucky, as you will enjoy the following benefits:


Turns Your Physique Into That of a Ballerina or a Gymnast

When you watch a ballerina or a gymnast performs a difficult yet graceful routine, you might wish you could do what they’re doing and possess their lean physique. As you eliminate fats, you are actually revealing your lean muscles buried underneath. Jumping on a bouncy surface shapes and tones your muscles.

Eliminates Facial Fine Lines

Oxygen keeps skin smooth and flawless. When people age, the oxygen levels in their skin diminishes, which makes it inelastic. When it happens, wrinkles and fine lines start to appear. Jumping on a trampoline distributes oxygen within your body evenly. The proper distribution of oxygen in the skin cells will prevent your skin from being inelastic.

Prepares You for Your First Space Mission

Trampolining is a preparatory and maintenance exercise of astronauts. Due to weightlessness, astronauts lose certain percentage of their bone mass, and it’s trampolining that prevent bone damage from fully taking its toll.

Trampolining has many benefits, and some remain undiscovered. If you want to achieve all these, set up your trampoline and start bouncing.