2 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Woman sleeping with eye maskEver feel tired even after sleeping longer than you usually do? You may have to do these things to improve the quality of your sleep and have better, more energized mornings.

Lights Off

Keeping your room dark come sleeping time can help your body wind down; it tells your system that it’s time to rest. Keeping your room brightly lit minutes before you sleep activates your senses. If you cannot sleep with the lights of, dim your lights.

This will help your system relax and become ready for bedtime. Avoid using mobile phones, working on the laptop, or watching the TV just right before going to bed. Mobile phones, especially, emit a blue light that disrupts your sleepy hormones.

So put that phone away, dim the lights – or shut them off, close your eyes, and sleep.

Make Your Bed Comfortable

Your bed, pillows, and beddings can make or break the entire sleep experience. Make every bedtime a good one by picking the mattress, pillows, and linens that work for you.

The firmness of the mattress, the fluffiness of the pillows, and the smoothness of the sheets all contribute to the kind of feeling you have when you’re in bed. When getting a mattress, lie on it for at least 20 minutes to get a real feel of what it’s like to be on it.

And let’s not forget the sheets. Thread count matters because it determines the smoothness and softness of the fabric. And a smooth and soft set of pillowcases, bed cover, blanket, or a bamboo duvet cover you can get from firms such as Cozy Earth feels good on the skin. And you want that.

These two things are often overlooked or taken for granted. We get so used to using our devices and gadgets before going to bed and not paying attention to proper bedroom lighting and adequate bed accessories, without realizing how it affects our brain activity and disrupts our sleeping pattern.