1,2, Punch: The Mental Benefits of Boxing

boxing exercisesBoxing is a physical and mental sport that improves your fight or flight senses. Knowing that you have to face an opponent, throwing a punch will keep you moving forward. Other than its physical benefits, boxing can improve how a person sees themselves. Here are some things that you can learn and benefit from by picking up this sport:

Stress Reliever

Physical activities like boxing allow you to release all the tension in your body. After a tiring day at work or school, you need something that will keep your mental health in balance. This way, you won’t be burned out easily. When attending a boxing session, your body releases phenylethylamine, which is a chemical found in chocolates. This improves your mood as effectively and as quickly as amphetamines.


Hitting a punching bag or entering the ring lets you focus on your techniques to throw a perfect punch. Boxing and conditioning exercises help you concentrate better, reducing distractions. Every second is important when boxing because you don’t know when your opponent will strike. This is why concentration is among the skills you can master.


Boxing lets you step up your game. After a few sessions, you’ll soon realise that your body will look for more routines and advanced level of techniques. In fact, you may even compete with your own training pace. For instance, you’ll challenge yourself to do more pushups and sit-ups than what you did during the previous session.


There’s always something to look forward to when attending boxing sessions. Learning new techniques to improve and maintain your form may give you a reason to love this sport even more. It keeps you determined, as you focus on your goal to lose weight, develop your abilities, or win a match.

Boxing isn’t only about throwing punches to your opponent. It keeps your mind and body active. Before you know it, you might even apply what you learned to everyday life. You’ll be able to perform tasks better and improve your lifestyle.