What You Should Know About Home Water Testing

Thanks to technology, people can now ensure that their drinking water is safe for consumption. A variety of water processing equipment is available even for home water testing. Contaminants in water are More »

Explore What Modern Dentistry can Provide for Straighter Teeth

Straighter teeth can enhance your smile and improve your dental health. Whether you are a child, teenager or adult, braces today come in a variety of forms that can effectively straighten your More »

A Guide to Treating Tooth Loss with Dental Implants

Tooth loss can happen at any age. The causes are varied, from unexpected injury to persistent conditions such as tooth decay or gum disease. Dentures are no longer the only treatment option More »

Dealing with Dental Implant Pains

One of the best ways to deal with a missing tooth is getting dental implants. They provide a long-term solution, as they’re durable and can withstand constant mechanical forces brought about by chewing and More »

Are You Using the Right Toothbrush?

How much thought do you put into choosing a toothbrush? The toothbrush you use might be the source of your dental problems. Using the right one is just as important as picking More »


What You Should Know About Home Water Testing

Home Water TestingThanks to technology, people can now ensure that their drinking water is safe for consumption. A variety of water processing equipment is available even for home water testing.

Contaminants in water are a huge concern for the safety and health of living things. Worldwide, approximately 3.1 percent of deaths are caused by improper water hygiene and sanitation. Even in developed countries like France, water testing revealed that many people are consuming water that does not meet WHO standards.

Water testing is important because it concerns the health of you and your family. Aside from avoiding possible health threats, less serious issues concerning taste, odor, and color are reasons you may need to test your water at home.

Signs Your Water Needs Testing

Where does the water flowing from your tap come from? Whether your source is a public water system or a private water supply, you may be in situations where your water needs to be tested. If you suspect lead in the water supply lines, you may have your water tested to confirm that it does not contain unsafe amounts of lead. If you are planning to have a home treatment unit, you must first know what’s in your water before buying the equipment you need.

For private water supplies, a rule of thumb is to test once a year for nitrates, pH level, total dissolved solids, and coliform bacteria. This is required especially if your well is new, or pipes and pumps have been replaced. If you observe an unpleasant color or taste in your water, you must test for iron, sulfate, manganese, and chloride content. If a chemical leak occurred near your well, test for volatile organic compounds. Lastly, if someone in your house is pregnant, a nitrate test may be required.

Where to Test Your Water

Certified laboratories offer solutions in the form of contaminant tests. You may also consult the health department in your area. For a safe water experience, make sure that the water processing equipment used by your community supply or private well conforms to standards.

Dialing 000 is just the First Step: Simple Actions can Save Lives, Too

Calling first aid in australiaWith the right first aid skills, anybody can be a lifesaver. The numbers, however, reflect how only a minority of the population are capable of carrying out first aid assistance. In fact, according to the Australian Red Cross, less than 5% of Australians have first aid training, while a study from an Australian Health Organisation reveals that 59% do not feel confident in trying to save a life.

These figures alone should be a compelling enough reason for individuals to go through first aid training and learn the necessary lifesaving skills. On the bright side, more people are calling 000 when faced with an emergency situation. First aid intervention while waiting for the ambulance to arrive, however, is infrequent. People shouldn’t stop at calling 000, as the simplest of actions could save a person's life too.

The Lifesaving Potential of First Aid

Due to the apparent lack of first aid-trained individuals in the country, there is a tendency for those who witness an emergency situation to simply wait for medical services to arrive or to hope that a passerby knows how to administer first aid. Research conducted by the University of Manchester shows, however, that conducting simple first aid procedures before the arrival of emergency medical services could prevent as much as 59% of pre-hospital deaths.

Two Simple Actions to Save a Life

During instances of accidental injury and trauma, it is possible for anyone to intervene and keep a victim alive before they get to the hospital. These two basic first aid skills are:

  • Turning an unresponsive victim to their side and tilting their head back to open their airways.
  • Applying pressure to bleeding wounds to help stem the flow of blood.

Performing complicated medical operations aren’t necessary — in fact, the two actions mentioned above simply involve putting somebody into a recovery position. Without reacting proactively to an emergency, people could end up ‘effectively watching while a person is dying’, Anne McColl, Director of Education at the Red Cross UK says.

There is a small window of opportunity between dialing 000 and before the ambulance arrives to keep a victim alive. One cannot simply rely on other people to have the skills to treat a victim in critical condition; administering first aid could mean the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

Explore What Modern Dentistry can Provide for Straighter Teeth

Modern DentistryStraighter teeth can enhance your smile and improve your dental health. Whether you are a child, teenager or adult, braces today come in a variety of forms that can effectively straighten your teeth.

At Enhancedental in Leeds, a range of removable and fixed braces are provided by a team of highly trained dentists. With their expertise and support, you can look forward to straighter teeth and all the benefits that this brings.

Improving your quality of life

When you smile, your teeth are on display for all to see. Crooked, crowded or gappy teeth can bring about a level of self-consciousness that leaves you hesitant to smile. This is why straighter teeth can have a significant impact on your confidence and self-esteem.

There are also health benefits to be gained from straighter teeth, which are easier to clean than crooked teeth. This means you are likely to experience less bacterial build-up and as a result reduce your chances of tooth decay and gum disease. Gum disease in particular has been linked to increased chances of stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

What are your options for teeth straightening?

Fixed metal braces are a tried and tested means to straighten teeth. However, there are now many more options to explore. Fixed braces also come as clear brackets with tooth-coloured wires, for a less conspicuous look. Lingual braces are attached to the backs of your teeth, making them completely hidden from view.

When it comes to removable solutions, Invisalign and the Inman aligner are two tried and tested ways to effectively straighten teeth. For speedy results targeting the front teeth, the Inman clear aligner can resolve mild crowding or misalignments. Results can be achieved within six to 18 weeks.

Invisalign technology is one of the most discreet teeth straightening solutions around. These clear acrylic moulds are custom made to fit around your teeth and are hard to spot with the untrained eye.

The state of your teeth will determine which treatment is most suitable for your individual case. More severe cases of crowding or misalignments may need longer or more involved treatments. A consultation with a dentist is the easiest way to find out which treatments could work for you.

A Guide to Treating Tooth Loss with Dental Implants

Treating Tooth Loss with Dental Implants

Treating Tooth Loss with Dental ImplantsTooth loss can happen at any age. The causes are varied, from unexpected injury to persistent conditions such as tooth decay or gum disease. Dentures are no longer the only treatment option available. Dental implants are a modern, reliable alternative that provide enhanced stability for your replacement teeth. This clinically proven technology is used at Dental Implants Hampshire in Hampshire to treat a range of tooth loss cases.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots. They sit within the jawbone, just as your natural tooth roots do. Made from lightweight titanium, they are able to encourage local bone growth. This ensures that once fitted, they will fully integrate into the jawbone. Replacement teeth are attached to the implants and provide greater stability than traditional dentures.

What you can expect from the procedure

The fitting of dental implants is one of the more complex dental procedures. It is carried out under local anaesthetic to make it a pain-free experience. Your gums will need time to heal after the treatment. This will give your dental implants the chance to fully secure themselves into the jawbone. On your return visit to the dentist, you can begin the process of having your replacement teeth designed, constructed and fitted. The final outcome will be a natural look and feel to your newly reconstructed teeth.

What are the main benefits?

Dental implants provide several key advantages over dentures. The first will become apparent as soon as your procedure is complete, namely the enhanced stability allowing you to eat tough and chewy foods without worrying about your replacement teeth slipping out of place. In the long-term, your implants will also protect your jawbone from degeneration and your gums from receding – two common consequences of untreated tooth loss.

Are dental implants appropriate for you?

Dental implants are most successful in a healthy mouth. This means underlying dental issues, such as tooth decay and gum disease, must be dealt with first. An adequate amount of bone must also be present for your implants to fully take hold. Treatments are available to treat patients lacking enough bone density, such as a bone graft. Dental implants can then be fitted so you can enjoy the long-lasting benefits.

Plantation Shutters: The History of the Interior Wood Covering

Plantation Shutters

The classic appeal of plantation shutters is the reason they are a more stylish substitute to blinds or curtains. Plantation shutters offer a presentable aspect to homeowners in Melbourne, which is why they would rather choose this type of interior covering. They can effectively shut out light and still look striking, according to industry experts at The Timbershades Group. But, when did this fascination and preference begin?

A Brief History

If the name is any indication, it reveals that plantation shutters entered the window treatment market in the mid-1800s. This was when the popularity of plantation houses grew in the southern part of the United States. But, historians revealed that the first to discover and construct plantation shutters were the Ancient Greeks.

The glass was only manufactured in 3000 B.C., which is why the Greeks had to create shutters. Just like its purpose today, they wanted to manage light, get more privacy and protection, as well as, prevent pests from entering their homes. They manufactured interior shutters made of marble that looks like the plantation shutters you have today. Those were durable and strong, but they could not move the louvres to adjust the light.

The Modern Features

In the 18th and 19th century, architects in the U.S. used the architecture of Greeks to develop their designs. It still served the same purpose centuries later, but it now performed its function better. It offers light management, are durable, enhance ventilation, offer insulation and are easy to clean. Plantation shutters can even lower energy bill by blocking out the heat of the sun during summer and insulating the home during winter.

Unlike before where only huge mansions can have access and afford this type of window treatment, any type of home can take advantage of its benefits and design.

The rich history of plantation shutters paved the way to the preference of the modern world. Guess you have to thank the Ancient Greeks for the beauty and function it provides.

Insuring a Vacant House: Protecting Your Financial Interests

Insuring a Vacant Home in CaliforniaYou have a perfect home yet have no choice but to leave it. Whether leaving is temporary and you intend to come back, or you’re looking to sell the property in the future, you may want to review your homeowner’s insurance coverage and look at the fine print on your policy.

You will run into more problems and bigger risks the longer the house remains empty. This is because insurance companies usually offer very limited or no coverage for vacant homes. Now that you’ll be living there, it pays to have a second look. Here’s what you should look for.

Reducing Risks

What constitutes an empty house varies from one carrier to another. A common definition is that there are no owners or tenants who live there and almost all furnishings have been removed. Insurers limit the coverage of these types of homes because they pose the greatest risks of deteriorating or being vandalized.

Without regular maintenance and use, furnishings tend to depreciate beyond normal wear and tear. These types of homes may have very little – if any – protection from certain perils and damage, such as fire and smoke, as no one lives in the house to deter or report emergencies.

Vacant Home Insurance

You must check immediately with your insurer if it will continue to insure your vacant home. If your current policy gives very little to no protection at all, and you really need to leave or empty your home, it may be best to look for another or an additional property coverage.

Whether you need it for the short or long term, a vacant home insurance will protect your financial interests from many threats, including vandalism, theft, and fire. Make sure that your new policy protects you if a person has been injured on your vacant property.

If you intend to come back or sell the property, it’s important to keep the home fully insured and free of vacancy penalties to reduce the risks. Such risks may delay the sale by months and may result in bigger losses, such as break-ins, water damage, and so on. Given the dry weather and prevalence of wildfires in California, haffnerlawyers.com urges homeowners to purchase coverage for fire losses.

If you simply can’t avoid leaving your home, it’s best to keep it occupied at least, by a short-term tenant or caretaker, or have a friend care for the property or check on it from time to time. But if you really want to safeguard your finances, it’s best to look for carriers that specifically insure vacant or unoccupied homes.

From Good to Great: Minor Home Improvements that Boost Property Selling Price

Brokers in Queensland When selling your property, you do not get a second chance to make a first impression on prospective buyers. You want the people who drive up and inspect your home to think that it is a well-cared for and well-maintained home right from the start. To accomplish this goal, you need to make home improvements. Resort Brokers Australia says that small improvements can make a big difference to the overall appeal of a property. These home improvements can help you sell your house for top dollar.

Buff Up the Bathroom

One of the most important rooms to update in a home is the bathroom. Make a positive change to its overall appearance by installing simple accessories, such as a new pedestal sink or toilet seat. Another good suggestion would be to replace old, discoloured bathroom floor tiles with small pieces of vinyl sheets or easy-to-apply vinyl tiles.

Upgrade Your Storage

Old houses are particularly known for their lack of closet space. If you have a cramped storage area, add DIY wires and laminate closet systems to entry closets, pantries and bedrooms to create a functional closet. It will also give your home a customised look which will appeal to prospective buyers when you are ready to sell.

Spice Up Your Lights

Consider replacing any boring, recessed lights in your living and dining rooms with an eye-catching chandelier or light fixture. Nowadays, home stores are capable of offering a wide selection of nice-looking but reasonably priced ceiling fixtures. If you have a ceiling light and fan, consider updating its look by purchasing replacement fan blades.

Consider Curb Appeal

Before potential buyers can enter your home, the first thing they see is your front yard. To make a great first impression, put down fresh sod, replace old bushes with new ones and add some colour by planting potted flowers or flowerbeds.

These minor home improvements can make a big difference when done properly. You will be proud to showcase your home for selling when you know that every area is neat and beautiful.

Public Opinion And Business

Public Opinion

Public opinion is almost always associated with governments, governance or the influence of high-profile celebrities. Although some business owners share the same notions, most PR companies in Melbourne would agree that there is more to public opinion than just politics and celebrity endorsements.

For the People, From the People

Business success and public opinion go hand in hand. It is worth noting, for example, that most corporations that offer decent salaries and working conditions, manage to keep a full roster of workers. Their sound business decisions lead to better employee retention and customer service. One may say that this is just basic corporate decision-making: policies driven by market demands and shifts.

But, according to Professor Pino Audia from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire in the United States, these decisions are actually influenced by constant pressure from public opinion. Audia cites research conducted by Pew, which states that 73 percent of surveyed businesses supported government efforts to increase the minimum wage. A unified voice is what seems to make businesses listen when there is a need for change.

The Power of a Single Voice

In an article in the Harvard Business Review, Professor Audia also claimed that massive shifts in public opinion should not catch businesses unaware and unprepared. He likens this to social peer pressure saying that any entity that goes against prevailing views may be seen as an outcast. Their reputations can be severely damaged and they must either give in to the public clamour or suffer the consequences.

The power of public opinion can never be underestimated. It has felled autocratic tyrants and even empires. A poll by the firm Forrester reveals the power of public opinion in modern times. According to the results, even simple recommendations made from customer to customer carry a higher trust factor than traditional advertising or marketing. Humans only trust what they can understand, and most of the time, the only ones they trust are their fellow consumers.

Ignoring public opinion can be corporate suicide. Business owners have a choice. They can strive to give consumers what they want, or suffer the wrath of their collective voice.


Dealing with Dental Implant Pains

Implant Dentists in Northbrook, ILOne of the best ways to deal with a missing tooth is getting dental implants. They provide a long-term solution, as they’re durable and can withstand constant mechanical forces brought about by chewing and speaking.

While this solution requires a surgery, you need to expect that it comes with some inconveniences. More often than not, these discomforts are painful. There are, however, some simple ways that will help you cope with the pain.

Here are some of them:

When Controlling Bleeding

Swelling and bleeding are natural parts of the healing process. You’re supposed to hold the gauze that covers the surgical area to absorb the blood. Change them every 45 minutes or 1 hour. When it comes to maintaining oral hygiene, implant dentists in Northbrook, IL, such as Glenlake Dental Care, advise that you brush the surgical area VERY carefully to control bleeding. When it bleeds and hurts, you must rinse with saltwater at once.

Use Ice

pack of ice pressed firmly against the cheek adjacent to the affected area should do the trick. You can use an ice bag for convenience, but if you need to improvise, use socks or pantyhose. Just put some ice inside these garments and let it rest on the side of the face adjacent to the painful area.

Take Medication

Dentists understand that your pain threshold can only take so much. If rinsing and using an ice bag doesn’t alleviate the pain, you must take prescribed medication. You just have to be careful because some strong medicines have side effects. Some may cause headaches and nausea.

Another thing you need to consider is your diet. It’s recommended that you stick to a soft diet, which mainly consists of soups and fruit juices.

Always follow the instructions and recommendations of your dentist. When the surgical area hurts often, you must contact your dentist.

Nice Shot: Improving Your Shooting Mechanics

Improving Your Shooting MechanicsA player that hits midrange and three-point jumpers is a threat to the competition and is a valuable piece to any team. Young players looking to make their mark and get a spot on a team must learn proper shot mechanics to improve their field goal percentage. Some get it right fast, while others need a little bit more work.

Here are some of the basics young basketball players need to develop to realize their potential as a shooter:

Balance and Stance

A coach in a basketball camp for high school boys cites that some kids kick their feet out, lean forward, or fade away a little too much on their shot. These may look cool and some players want to imitate their favorite players. However, these are bad habits that ruin shot mechanics. You may hit them every now and then, but it will hurt your field goal percentage. 

The best shooters have the right stance and balance before, during, and after they release the ball. Their feet are square with the basket and their body is in-line with it as well. The lead foot (based on your shooting hand) is slightly in front of the other. Bend the knees as most of the power when shooting comes from below.

Motion Shooting

Motion shooting has two varieties — the former has a quick release without a hitch, while the other has a split second pause before they shoot. The perfect example of a one-motion shooter is Steph Curry and as for a two-motion shooter, it's Ray Allen. Know which one works best for you and your field goal percentage.

The Follow Through

This aspect of your shot isn’t simply about posing and looking cool, it is fundamentally sound. Snap the wrist upon release and do the follow through in a straight line and not moving to the side. Extend the follow through to give your shot direction to either go glass or right in line.

Perfecting your shot mechanics will get you a step closer to your dreams of becoming one of the best basketball players on your team.